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positive meeting today

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jetcat32 Tue 21-Jul-09 15:50:01

hi all

just had my first meeting with the child developmental consultant, and i think it went ok, but am wary of getting my hopes up of anything been done!

He has made a definite dx of dyspraxia, and is referring to OT. He said that DD1 has def traits of aspergers, so will refer to team meeting on 10th August, where he EP and SALT will discuss DD1 and decide whether to carry out the 4 month assessment. Please could anyone tell me what this assessment would entail? And also, he says there is a little delay in starting the assessment, and having read some on here having delays of 12 months, i am very much hoping that a 'little delay' is not that long!

Now i just need to find out how to help DD for the dyspraxia!

daisy5678 Tue 21-Jul-09 21:33:59

Assessment will usually involve asking you lots of Qs and doing a playbased assessment with your dd. If you find out the exact name of the assessment, there will be lots of info on here.

Glad it went well!

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