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What does your young asd dc have in their statement?

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StarlightMcKenzie Tue 21-Jul-09 13:45:37

Message withdrawn

lou031205 Tue 21-Jul-09 18:18:36

I don't have specific knowledge of ASD preschool provision, but from my experience with DD, who isn't statemented, but gets full 1:1, here are some of the things that would make her and my life easier:

-Communication specified between preschool and home. Some sort of home/school diary to enable you to "extend his experiences in the home environment" - ie. What has he done today, any problems, any triumphs, etc. I see DD come out with stickers on her jumper & have no idea why she got a sticker. She often can't tell me. She tells me things but gets muddled. Even little hurts/falls.

-DD gets taken for a story with two other children so that she can start to engage in a story time, but she finds the whole group story too much sometimes. If your DS needs that sort of transition to group activities, get it written in. Specific numbers, set activity, etc.

-Does he need to be involved in a small communication group? In our area they are just starting "chatterbox" groups, where a child who is struggling may be invited to the group, which might also have a 'model' child. The idea is that the children get an opportunity to develop communication skills, and learn from the model children. But they won't know they are doing it.

-What does his 1:1 need to do with him? Will he/she need to encourage your DS to engage in activities, maintain his safety, etc?

-What communication aids, if any, will he need? DD is just starting to use visual timetables etc, but it is very hit and miss. If she was statemented, I would want it written in that she must have access to these.

-What help does he need to cope with transition times?

-What should his 1:1 do if/when he can't cope with activities? DD's takes her off and finds something to engage her in.

-What does he need in terms of behaviour management? Do stickers/rewards work, or something else? Whatever it is, it needs to be consistent. I would want it written in, because DD gets a different approach from whoever is giving her 1:1, which is confusing.

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