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no devlopmental paed now

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Phoenix4725 Mon 20-Jul-09 16:53:19

went for ds team around child meeting today

Ped saw ds for oh all of 15 mns then based her opions on ds for that 15 min time span . but did get across to her that I wnt referal to nuffield , shes going talk to salt and see if they agree ,mind we dont have a salt now as we left preschool team and school one on maeternity also got refreal to a urologist as ds testacles not desended also referal to cleft palate team as ds cant blow but airs coming out his nose .But no help with the sleep issues

Then had normal waffle talk and she then drops in that oh Iwont be following him up any more as hes going to school be the schoolDr who is not paedtrican never has been according to his profile and is well known for being a useless pratt she seemed to be almost sigh relief that shes not seeing him again

Can iget referal to another devlopmental paed or is that it ?

DLI Mon 20-Jul-09 19:00:37

hi, the cleft palate team will probably be out to see you very soon (when my son was diagnosed with a cleft palate they came out the same day!). Within the cleft palate team will be a speach and language therapist who will be able to help with that side of things and if you dont have a community SALT then she will probably refer your ds. Also within the team will be a genetitist, psychologist, surgeon, cleft nurse (they tend to be your main point of contact)photograph and dentist/orthodentist. You will probably attend a "clinic" which will last about an hour and a half and within that meeting you will visit each one of them. They may even suggest and ENT specialist get involved.

My ds also had an undescended testicle and yet another person was involved!

my ds' paediatrician stayed involved as she could be the "central person" for you ds. If you are not happy ask for another one to be assigned. I would push for the paediatrician to stay involved if only for this reason.

if you need any more help along these lines please dont hesitate to ask me. i have plenty of experience!

Phoenix4725 Mon 20-Jul-09 19:57:39

we dont have a paedtrician now thi teh referal were her kiss of i only been asking for a year.

Ds does see salt as he has verbal and oral dyspraxia so is non verbal .

Is it unusrual for cleft palte to be missed ds is 4 and when you look nothing seems obvious other than a very high palate but it was the air and his drink coming out his nose that concerned her .

yes we seem to collect specialist , got physio, ot, salt now going to and ent and urologist to collection

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