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wheelchair services question

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ChopsTheDuck Mon 20-Jul-09 09:49:01

ds has been referred by the OT, and I got a letter saying they would see to it asap, and get abck to us if he needs an appointment. Does that mean they can refuse to see him or provide support? Slightly confused!

ChopsTheDuck Mon 20-Jul-09 09:49:49

got the letter from wheelchair services btw, sorry if post isn't very clear!

sarah293 Mon 20-Jul-09 09:57:42

Message withdrawn

PheasantPlucker Mon 20-Jul-09 10:00:06

I'd follow it up - it sounds v unclear. Surely they need to assess at least??? We got our Major from Wheelchair Services without an assesment, as dd1's physio wrote to them + told them she had CP and needed one. We have not had a wheelchair yet, but she will need one soon.

ChopsTheDuck Mon 20-Jul-09 10:10:06

It literally says, the referral will be proceesed as quickly as possible and if necessary an appoinment will be made at ...

I don't get it. I thought if OT said he needs it, he'd be assessed by them to see what he needs and so they'd be an appointment made. Surely they can't decide anything on processing the referral?

<sigh> Maybe I need to call them.

deepbreath Mon 20-Jul-09 11:52:29

Dd's physio suggested that she would be better off having a chair to cover long distances or if she became tired, and she referred dd to wheelchair services for them to assess her needs.

The assessment looks at who will be pushing the wheelchair/buggy as well as how it will be used (ie, will the child be in the chair all of the time, will it be used in vehicles etc.) so that they get the best chair for the job.

In our case, dd had a Major for about 18 months. She has now been re-assessed and she has a Blade plus wheelchair with a cushion... I thought every child got a cushion but found that this wasn't the case at group physio sessions when they all asked where we got it!

ChopsTheDuck Mon 20-Jul-09 12:07:16

That is more or less what I was expecting, but it looks like they want to do the assessment telepathically! grin

He has a cheapy off ebay atm, but its far from ideal (too wide for him to self propel easily, too short - hurts my back pushing it). Keeping that one under my hat anyway, in case they decide he is sorted!

I think a blade would suit us better, they come in various widths if I've heard correctly. The OT did say a pushcahir was a possibility but he is a tall 7yo and I really don't want a buggy! I think at his age when he does need to sit, he needs the independance to be able to move around himself in shops, etc. even if he can't propel long distances.

deepbreath Mon 20-Jul-09 12:42:55

I don't think they can say no to seeing anyone that's been referred to them by a healthcare professional, but it might take you a while to get an appointment. Maybe they prioritise people with greater needs? We were seen within 3 months for the first appointment here in Coventry, but a friend's ds in Birmingham was waiting much longer than that, they were told it could be up to 18 months shock

Dd is 6, but is tall (age 10-ish clothes for length). She had her Major when she was 4, but we could have chosen a wheelchair back then. She had well and truly outgrown the Major by the start of this year, all the height adjustments were as big as they'd go, and the canvas seat was a bit harsh on her skinny bum! She thinks the Blade is great, she can self propel over short distances and picked this up much quicker than I thought she would.

r3dh3d Mon 20-Jul-09 13:11:10

I think in practice you should get your appointment. The wording may be to cover them if you get duff self-referrals eg if actually the person needs physio not a chair. Or if it's a temporary situation, they won't assess for a chair if you have broken your ankle or whatever. And then again some kids will be assessed in school if it's somewhere WC goes frequently.

Good excuse though to phone up and act all confused by the letter - and ask while you are on the line about waiting lists and when you should call back by if you haven't heard anything. grin

ChopsTheDuck Mon 20-Jul-09 16:36:03

I was expecting a wait, but hope it isn't that long! Oh well, at least he will def be too big for a major! I think he'd have issues with a canvas seat, hadn't really thought about that. He gets uncomfortable very easily, and is funny abt things like that.

good idea r3dh3d! grin

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