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Downing Street Petition regarding Newborn and 6-8 week hip Checks

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pinkoona Mon 20-Jul-09 08:16:11

Dear All

I am delighted to find babies with early diagnosis and treatment! It proves that early detection and conservative treatment is possible.

I am mum to Siomha born 26/1/2007 - At 14 months (yes MONTHS) she was diagnosed with a dislocated hip (Developmental Dysplasia of the hip) and her hip socket had not formed at the dislocation had been from birth. She was operated on in Great Ormond Street for 7 hours last September. Her surgeon created a new socket from her pelvis. She requires further surgery on her socket at 4 and 9 years of age. All because the hospital forgot to check her and a "very sorry".

Please sign a non political petition which is encouraging the Department of Health to meet with late diagnosed parents so ensure what happened to Siomha is rare.

We have been up to the Houses of Parliaments with a Early Day Motion (which 107 MPs have signed)

and have pushing and pushing for media coverage. This condition is not necessarily hereditary and can come about through breech positioning.

I am absolutely delighted that your daughters hip was detected and as importantly TREATED early - as this is key.

Please, please sign. It takes about a minute

Many thanks Oonagh rset/8047730.stm

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