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thumbs up to Colchester military festival

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Phoenix4725 Sat 18-Jul-09 19:58:40

Can i put on here that took all my dc to this , yes it was busy, yes was lots going on but I have to say people was great and a very big thank you to the guys that went out their way to let ds fiddle with their equipment and the patiance they showed
and especially to man from the paras who seeing how desperatley my ds wanted to go in the tank not but could not climb in ,he carried him in and spent ages and arranged for ds to have a ride in one you made his day grin thank you

mysonben Sat 18-Jul-09 23:28:38

That's sweet, some people are nice , and it makes a lot of difference sometimes. smile

Phoenix4725 Sun 19-Jul-09 05:35:22

really did the guy clicked straight away ds had sn , I couldhave cried with how gentle and patiant they was

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