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8 mohth old - "delayed development with redced tone". What should I think?

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Gilliana1 Sat 18-Jul-09 15:54:08

My 8 month old daughter was referred to a paediatrician as GP said she has reduced tone at 4 months. The appointment took an age to come through. I thought at the time it was abit of an overreaction but went along for the appointment/blood tests recently. Appointment was literally 2 mins when they asked some questions and then I was rushed out the door as paediatician was late for a meeting. They didn't assess her physically - put her on the floor to see her movement or anything.

Just received a letter in the post (copy to my GP)today confirming she has delayed development and we are being referred to a Child development center (Sunshine CDC)? Am stunned, worried and not a nice way to hear about it all.

Does anyone have any experiences with a CDC (what are they? what will they do).

To be honest, still can't understand it. She is 8 months and one week old. She can roll over, sit up unaided, go from tummy to sitting up and vice versa, She props in a crawling position and can go forwards a few steps - but not sprint along the floor. She holds objects, bangs them together, uses her thumb/fingers to grip. I've been surfng baby development websites - it sounds like the only things she doesn't do is talk (she coos and makes a lot of sounds but they are not da-da or anything as clear and rounded), and she doesn't put weight through her feet/try to stand/pull herself up on objects.

Has anyone been in this position before? It is my first precious child and I'm so sad.

Sidge Sat 18-Jul-09 16:05:09

I understand you must be sad. It's always a smack in the face when things are not as you thought they would be. Try and look at it as a positive thing that if she does have low tone, she will now be able to get any help and therapies she needs.

A CDC is usually a centre where paediatricians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, play workers, family support workers etc are all in one place, sort of a one stop shop for children that may have some delays or difficulties. HVs and GPs may refer children that they think will need some extra help in one or more areas of their development.

If your daughter has low tone (also known as hypotonia) she may find some physical things more difficult and so need some physio or OT support to help her achieve the usual milestones.

It sounds like your paeds appointment was pretty useless - usually the appointments at a CDC are longer and more comprehensive and hopefully you will get more answers there.

anonandlikeit Sat 18-Jul-09 17:07:37

Sounds like your dd is doing great, its a shame you had such a useless appointment.

Hopefully the CDC will assess her & discharge her if they ahve no concerns.
Do you still ahve any concerns yourelf?

Have you asked your HV to do a basic developmental check.

I would keep the CDC appointment when it comes through, at least your dd will (hopefully) get a thorough assessment which will either put your mind at ease or give your dd some additional support if there are any genuine concerns.

IME CDC are great, physio, specialist developmental paediatricians plus lots of other specialists all under one roof.
They usually play with the child watch what they can or can't do, how they interact etc etc & recommend follow up therapy or ongoing observation if they feel it is needed.

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