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help oh wise ones (wee alert!)

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flyingmum Fri 17-Jul-09 16:47:04

Flying boy 1 has got rather distressed today because he went to the loo at break time and peed. He's tried to go again at lunch but 'nothing came out'. He got rather distressed at school and they calmed him down. He's been a bit distressed at home because he feels he needs to go but can't. I've just dashed out and brought cranberry juice, and some cystitis stuff. He's being very male (thinks he's dying and going to be stuffed full of pee for the rest of his life and going to feel dreadful) and very autistic (won't listen to me and getting very anxious). I've shoved two glasses of cranberry down him and some of the cystitis and made him drink a cup of tea. He's finally peed but apparantly not a lot came out. It doesn't hurt though.

I've ascertained that he's not perhaps cleaning himself as he should in his nooks and crannies and that he thinks he's wetting the bed and going to wet himself at night (he does get up and down for lots of wees just before he goes to sleep) but says its squishy so I'm wondering whether this is shall we say 'night time emmisions' as he is 14! I think he might have a bladder infection but what do you ladies think. Is it all in his head????? (or his willy grin).

He's worried and to get to a quack now is going to be difficult because they never work sensible hours. Are there any other good diuretic and soothing remedies (all I can think of is dandelions but I can't make him eat those!)

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