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change phobics and starting school sept.

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DidEinsteinsMum Fri 17-Jul-09 12:57:09

Ok, no formal diagnosis of anything. Ds (4 1/2) has lots of issues behaviourally (violent meltdowns, OCD, obsessional) but we have had issues with change for at least 2 1/2 yrs. Right now we have entered bedtime meltdown territory again. 2 reasons 1. his is coiming to stay next weekend and 2. He has just finished playschool (today) ready for starting school in september and I know he is worrying about starting school. I have posted previously about his unrealistic expectations of school. But how do I help settle him enough to get him to the point where he can fall alseep. The poor kid is absolutely exhausted but cant allow himself to fall asleep. It was midnight again before he went to bed and I cant cope with this lack of sleep for the 6ish week before he starts. I am hoping you are able to help with some tatics and advice so i can calm the situation. At the moment 10pm bedtime would be lovely but mostly would like to be able to help his state of tiredness

... sorry rambling a bit. Too tired to remember to make coffee i put kettle on for. wondering off to see what happened to said coffee

Nyrrem Fri 17-Jul-09 14:44:45


Can't help with bedtime meltdowns, but am familiar with issues with change.

My DS is going through same stress about school, though its showing itself in toileting and tantrums rather than sleep. He should be at his preschool end of term bash at the mo, but isn't because "we don't go to preschool on a Friday" and I didn't see the point in having meltdowns to get him to a party that should be fun. He has a lot of sensory issues particularly about noise, so parties tend to be a nightmare.

We are having some success with a social story provided by the school. It was produced for all the children, so it's quite generalised. But he seems to like it. He's very visual we've also had success with visual timetables, oops cards etc.

DidEinsteinsMum Fri 17-Jul-09 21:01:01

We've tried that but it doesnt seem to be working. He told his dad is would be ok cos it would be fun but he has told me it will be boring cos he could do all the work ages ago that they introduced in the visits. Plus he is very funny about who he lets know what he can do due to previous nursery. Thankfully his social skills seem to be starting to click due to attachment having recently clicked. I guess the only thing i can do is to stick with the reassurring. Hopefully it will eventually click hmm Thankfully he is currently asleep. he was exasted bless him

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