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Noise sensitivity

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2Siobhan Thu 16-Jul-09 22:20:24


My son currently 3.8 months has recently become sensitive to certain noise's and was wondering if this is something I should worry about. Since my son has some delays I think I can get a little paranoid at times.
For example a couple of weeks ago I opened the windows the living because it was hot. I walked in to another room but had to return quickly because I could hear ds crying. When I went into the room He was crouched down covering his ears saying 'too loud'. The traffic was a bit loud outside but not any more than it usually is. The same thing happened one day when I was running a bath, her was in his bedroom and I don't think it was that loud in there. Its happens quite a lot more but those two were the most worrying



mysonben Thu 16-Jul-09 22:31:39

What are the other delays your son has?
Certainly noise sensitivity can be a secondary sympton of asd. But that alone wouldn't be a concern iykwim?
My ds is 3.8 too, he has mild asd and is sensitive to some noise but he has also speech delay, his play is not age appropriate, he has social skills difficulties,... i'm saying the noise sensivity isn't the only issue.

If you are worried maybe try to have a word with your gp or hv? Some children who are NT can go through phases of been a bit scared by some noises , not quite the same as not coping with the noise.

2Siobhan Thu 16-Jul-09 22:39:51

Thanks. He is currently seeing a st for a speech and language delay and play skills delay and is waiting to see an ot about concerns I and his nursery have had over his motor skills.

mysonben Thu 16-Jul-09 23:12:26

I would definately mention your concerns over the noise sens. when you do see the OT.
Or maybe ask your gp for a referal to a paediatrician.
My ds has always been noise sensitive , i remmber when he was about 1 year old he used to scream at the sound of the hoover, the lawnmower, or a drill, even if he was at quite a distance i thought he was simply scared but as time went on he started covering his ears at more and more noises like toilet flushing, handdryer, babies crying, people shouting,... and a while ago he said "i not like noise mummy!" bless him.

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