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ASD children - food diaries

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milou2 Thu 16-Jul-09 13:22:43

I am now clear headed enough to realise I need to track what the children eat and how they react. Only one of my sons is a big issue, but I'm thinking of doing it for both children to get a full picture for both of them.

So I know I need to do a page a day say, but what headings do other people use?

Yesterday I tried with 3 headings, input from other people, food input, ds2's activites/with a tick or cross for positive/engaged or solitary/fleetingly engaged.

I'm also realising that my threshold for social and engaged is pitifully low, ie chatting with me while in his room and playing online at the same time. But to keep positive I qenuinely enjoy his company. If I didn't I'd walk

Anyway, suggestions for how to lay out my food diary pleeeese.

milou2 Fri 17-Jul-09 15:18:02

Anyone else doing food diaries/stims/positives/negatives? I do want to pick up some tips.

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