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Where Can I Buy.......?????

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MsF Thu 16-Jul-09 13:04:55

Just wondered after i did my toothpaste thread ....if people ould find a mumsnet 'where can i buy' type thread...or have people had luck posting in 'shopping' threads?

its just my life is shattered when something that i have finally got ds's used to eating/drinking/using gets discontinued or 'changed' by manufacturers....and i think many of us would enjoy helping we all understand the desperation!!!

misscutandstick Thu 16-Jul-09 13:15:33

oooh think i need to be first!

I need cartons of ricemilk, the 200ml variety with ADDED calcium - i can only find the 1l versions, does anybody do 200ml versions?

(because tight-fisted school will only supply water or milk, even tho its sooooooo NOT inclusion, they wont budge and supply ricemilk instead, even tho every other under4 gets it angry )

MsF Thu 16-Jul-09 13:23:44

yes...i've just tried a quick google for rice milk + calcim 200ml....and plenty without calcium.....Grrrrrrr!

lou031205 Thu 16-Jul-09 16:27:16

You can buy calcium drops - does it have to be in the milk.

silverfrog Thu 16-Jul-09 18:03:24

could you not send him in each day with his milk in a sports bottle?

I'm sure I've seen 200ml cartons somewhere, but can't find them now...

I used to have to send dd1 in with "her" drink each day as she would only drink one type of juice.

misscutandstick Thu 16-Jul-09 19:20:57

it was a pear juice wasnt it silverfrog? hows that going?

yes, we could put drops in, ive only seen flavoured ones tho so far - and in mint too! bet that'd be lovely in milk grin

They have a fridge and are willing to store a big carton and share it over the week, but i really wanted him to have the same as everyone else - hes going to stick out like a sore thumb as it is and was hoping to minimise as much as possible (he still has to drink out of sippy cups). They already think hes 'just a weeny baby' sad, the girls are lovely with him, the boys not so.

misscutandstick Thu 16-Jul-09 19:23:01

silverfrog - what kind of sports bottle were you thinking? Obviously it cant be too big, got to be easy to clean, got anything in mind?

TotalChaos Thu 16-Jul-09 19:26:10

what about just putting it in a fruit shoot bottle and reusing it, they are reasonably easy to wash, you could always shove a bottle brush in it.

silverfrog Thu 16-Jul-09 19:26:16

yes, it was a pear/pineapple mix.

it was discontinued shock

after I recovered from my heart attack, I bought it in big cartons and refilled the small cartons she was used to.

then the bastards discontinued that as well shock shock

I hid under the duvet for a long time, and then faced up to the fact that dd1 had to change what she drank.

she came through a trooper, and now drinks a variety of juices (still form a sippy cup, though).

If you want him to seem to have the same as everyone else, you could alwys collect empty cartons and refill them? it is a bit of a faff, but then he would be having exactly the same thing? (you can only re-use the cartons twice, from my experience, because they satrt to go a bit soft when you wash them out!)

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Thu 16-Jul-09 19:27:14

miss c&s we searched aned searched and the 200ml rice milk with calcium was a no-goer, luckily ds3 can also have soy but then thats flavoured which took a whole statement review!!!!

IME if you put a request n the main section stating that you need to track somthing down for an SN child you get uinundated with very kind people- ds3 would only eat from a cewrtain yellow spoon for a while, never been the recipient of so much kindness!

silverfrog Thu 16-Jul-09 19:29:07

I got dd1 some plain ones form lakeland, but can't see them on the website now. they do have these which look quite good.

or second the fruit shoot bottle - they are easy to get hold of, easy to clean, and easy to drink from.

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Thu 16-Jul-09 19:34:17

word regarding fruitshoot bottle- friend couldnt work out why her #9epileptic so hydration v v important) son wasnt drinking at school, turned out the teacher was confiscating water as it looked like a fruitshoot (even though was clearly labelled otherwise)

however, our infants are nuts

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Thu 16-Jul-09 19:34:53

The Rangeare good for bottles if you have one

misscutandstick Thu 16-Jul-09 19:56:15

thats good to hear Silver!

fruit shoot sounds an idea - they do clear ones as well. Probably less 'babyish' than a sippy cup.

might try 'the range' we have one about half hour away, thanks!

laumiere Thu 16-Jul-09 23:04:17

silverfrog DS1 is like that with flavoured water, we have to keep decanting it into Fruit Shoot bottles.....

misscutandstick Fri 17-Jul-09 07:09:20

Laumiere, DS4 will only drink 'red' juice at the moment - luckily he will also have red milkshake too. other than that, hes on the trusted 'beige' diet.

laumiere Fri 17-Jul-09 10:15:07

I think we're breeding a brand junkie, he's very visual and can recognise different packaging (even if it's very similar). DH nearly exploded when his mum gave DS1 a can of Coke (he's 3) as now he makes a beeline for it in the supermarket....

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