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What is the MILDEST mint toothpaste you can buy?

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MsF Thu 16-Jul-09 12:14:47

Am struggling as ds3 won't brush willingly with anything but Colgate Smiles Toothpaste (0-2 yellow tube).

have tried so many different kids pastes

Does anyone have a spare tube i could buy?
Or can you tell me if you see it anywhere??

sodit Thu 16-Jul-09 12:49:25

silly question i know have you tried googling it? When i typed it in I got places that were selling it but I cant do links blush one of them was mobileplace and it said it was in stock and cost 1.27 a tube

MsF Thu 16-Jul-09 13:01:07

yes...have found a few on web- but 1 shop ttok my order for 10 tubes...then cancelled it....and one has only 1 tube in stock (trying to get a bulk buy to get 1 tube would not be good as i'd have to face the meltdown again when it ran out...whereas at the moment we are 3 weeks in to the current meltdown...and he is less agressive...though still objecting loudly)

one website shows the wrong picture- so have emailed them to confirm it is what i want.

sphil Thu 16-Jul-09 13:42:09

Has he tried Kingfisher toothpaste MrsF? It is mint (they do a fennel one too which I'd avoid!) but very mild.

2shoes Thu 16-Jul-09 13:42:44

ds uses the fennel on(nt but hates mint) it is very good

sphil Thu 16-Jul-09 13:45:14

Has he tried Kingfisher toothpaste MrsF? It is mint (they do a fennel one too which I'd avoid!) but very mild.

MsF Thu 16-Jul-09 13:46:47

no- have not tried that one...yet....!!!!!

will look for that if all else fails.

dilemma456 Thu 16-Jul-09 13:48:09

Message withdrawn

MsF Thu 16-Jul-09 13:57:00

thansk dilema!

he used to like the orange punch and judy paste...then we got this one- and he began brushing much we stuck to it!

I guess...i've probably bought 20 different makes try.... at the moment i'm managing to smear a tiny bit of colgate total on his teeth with my finger- and then arm lock him- and whizz round quickly with the manual toothbrush

mysonben Thu 16-Jul-09 14:04:28

They seem to have stopped selling it.
Have you tried milky teeth o-3 y.?
You probably have though...
Not easy hey!

MsF Thu 16-Jul-09 14:20:47

blush yes!
you name it i've bought it (as far as the common main manufactures/supermarkets own make goes!!!)

mysonben Thu 16-Jul-09 14:41:30

How about trying to trick your say the milky teeth one ,cut the bottom bit (the seal) of the smiles one , squeeze the other toothpaste into it and maybe use a strong sellotape to close it back, but hide the sealed bit into your hand when you put the toothpaste on your ds's toothbrush. ???

Probably a very stupid idea, He probably will know by the taste that you 're pulling a fast one.
Wish i could help, i know how frustrating it can be.
Still having nightly problems with ds' dummies , where they have changed the picture on the front. angry

mysonben Thu 16-Jul-09 15:31:28

Found it online try : , colgate smiles 5oml, o-2, sold by chemist direct for 1 pounds 29p per tube.

Hope it helps.

That was a truly silly idea i had in my last post ! blush
The sort of thing i'd try on ds who i surely wouldn't fool and would end up with a bigger meltdown...

lou031205 Thu 16-Jul-09 17:46:20

This shop has it

As does this

And this one

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