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An ARGH about reports.

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NaccetyMac Thu 16-Jul-09 07:25:34

DS1 saw his paed, OT and physio for a MDT assessment on 11th May.

OT had report done, follow up appointment done, and sensory diet suggested within 2 weeks.

I am Still Waiting for the paed's report. I have phoned at least once a week for the last 4 weeks. It is not done.

AIBU? He actually said during the appointment that it would be with us within 2 weeks.

I think, even with copious notes, that it would be hard for this doctor to recall details about a child he saw for an hour 2 months ago, so am beginning to feel that the report will be a massive waste of time anyway.


lou031205 Thu 16-Jul-09 07:44:45

Paed reports do take a while. Our Paed's report normally gets to us about 3 weeks after each appointment. He has usually written the report 2 weeks after the appointment, and I am always astounded by the level of detail, especially when his notes are really scant at the time. He is very good at knowing the children he sees, so I think it is a skill that they develop over time.

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