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Just got dx - a few q's please

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overthebar Mon 13-Jul-09 21:26:37

Our son 3.1 has just got his dx of ASD (we pursed privately as got fed up waiting ). He has significant delays in all areas. Although knew really beforehand just seeing it in writing is a little stomach crunching and hard to take. Is this when it hits you for real?

Feel so sorry for him. We have cancelled his mainstream nursery place for Sept as he is doing really well at his current one so will stay there for another year. Nursery have advised to start the statementing process and remember seeing a post with advice on this but cannot find. Think it was a web address with letter templates so if anyone can point me in right direction.

We have had 6 SALT session which were great but that's it for now. Will be going back end Aug for review as will need more. Paed recommended a clinical pshchologist but waiting lists huge so if anyone can recommened one in SW London that would be great.

Thanks again - more info here that all the professionals put together

WetAugust Mon 13-Jul-09 21:41:12

Congratulations on getting a formal dx. That will help you.

The site you need is If you want to apply for a formal assessment for the need for a possible Statement they have a template.

Include a copy of the private dx in your letter to the LEA requesting the assessment. The LEA need evidence before they will agree to assess.

Best wishes

magso Tue 14-Jul-09 11:44:23

Hi overthe bar. Diagnosis hit me hard too - even though it was very delayed and a foregone conclusion for ds- so I did not expect to feel low about it!
Agree Ipsea is the site for statement help. Also ACE is helpful with downloadable booklets for checking provisional statement etc.
The NAS ( national autistic soc) run course to help orientate parents - the early bird course may be helpful.

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