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fuming ss and other useless twits warning long rant

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Phoenix4725 Mon 13-Jul-09 13:53:51

Well went for our first child in need team meeting today and am so cross .paed , ot,physio, salt could not make it mind this might be to do with fact they had less than weeks notice

we started 30 minsl late and first words out the lady charing meeting who incendlty never met before .Was we will finsh at 11 and then i found schools etc submitted reports but yet i was not given or even see any copies of these

well the ss disablity worker opened with his report mentioning the disarray of stuff when pulled him on this he admitted house was clean though . when he visted which since i have 4 dc and one that does not sleep is hardly suprising maybe i should pack dc under stairs and lock up toys/.

that reall set the tone for whole meeting they statrted questioning toilet training so pointed out its only recently hes started understand when hes done a wee, so will be working on thisin summer holidays .

Apparently i wll be getting advice from specialist Hv told them good luck i only spoken to the woman twice in 18 months despite me asking her for advice maybe they can get her to return calls ,This despite me sayiong i already have found and took advice on toilet training

Then they was going on about physio and ot programs and what are they how often .Pointed out we see ot and physiotwice a year we dont have programms to follow from them told them what i learnt and do but would they listen they kept going on about me following a non existant programm from the nhs team hmm .Then they was like you should encourage him to walk duh like you can make a 4 year old sit down when other kids are playing

oh and the respite they said was seen by crossroads in may and they agreed 2 hours week respite but this is not available as short of voulnters but they want to wait see if tehy can find someone rathe rthan direct payments hmm mor elike well hes going school September s hoho lets fob her of till then

Though had few goos moments am wondering how they will document in reports that i refered to the special hv and nt hv as chocalte teapots and they asked for clarrifcation so gave it to them grin and enjoyed pointing out to Lea rp and them that erm no statements not set in stone i have not agreeed to it yet

phew ok feel better for getting that of my chair

So basically will have anothe one October where they can waffle away

TotalChaos Mon 13-Jul-09 13:59:18

god what a farce, sorry it was such a waste of your time.

mysonben Mon 13-Jul-09 14:01:53

Grrr angry i just hate it when all those penpushers just don't listen to what we have to say and carry on stating all the standards reharsed bull s... they feel should be sufficient answers to our concerns .

Give them grief at next meeting! grin
Sorry i'm pmt at the mo!!! wink

Phoenix4725 Mon 13-Jul-09 14:10:31

lol grieft at next meeting they beter start preparng now this time im ging in better prepared and will say quie politely that am recording the meting so if theres anythingneed clarfingi can check back

anonandlikeit Mon 13-Jul-09 14:12:42

Sorry you had such a crap appnt.
Surely if 4 members of the "team" were not able to make it the meeting was pointless.

The meeting is not just so that the chairperson can write an ill informed report BUT for all involved to share info to get the best possible support for your ds.

I think i would write a letter asking for the neXt meeting to have guaranteed minimum attendance numbers & true aims otherwise it is a pointless excercise.

Phoenix4725 Mon 13-Jul-09 14:16:30

yes and thing is they was the most important people .I did ask ss disablity worker should we postpone this meeting till all can be present but no he wated to press ahead think he needed fill his paper quota for this month

mummysaurus Mon 13-Jul-09 14:30:11

what ridiculous waste of time. i think you handled it very well. i would have been beside myself.And what a cheap shot about an untidy house what's that got to do with anything?

anonandlikeit Mon 13-Jul-09 14:37:15

An untidy house surely just supports any request for respite or more support, youa re not bloody superwoman, you can't do everything.

trace2 Mon 13-Jul-09 16:07:47

we had hours last week everyone turned up but ss didnt and they planed the date!!

Phoenix4725 Mon 13-Jul-09 18:25:46

lol sound like ss here not in Colchester are you

well when calmed down i made some polite but cold calls and well suprise spealist hv fobbed ss of with well were looking for new contiancenurse atm no help about nappies hes like oh ok as far as hes concerned hes done whats sked and he get in touch with me in October some help angry Guess whos got to chase up everyone else

feelingbetter Mon 13-Jul-09 21:29:07

FFS! Why am I not surprised to read this?
angry Sorry your time was wasted, tho you should be very proud of yourself - I'd have lost it big time and made a complete show of myself.
As to you chasing everyone up for next know it's the only way it'll get done <sigh>

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