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Pig flu or a cold??

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anonandlikeit Sun 12-Jul-09 23:34:50

There have been cases at dc's school & locally.
Anyway feel crappy, sore throat, tired achy etc.
Like the start of a bad cold, it could just be a cold or it could be pigflu.

Anyway do I put myself in to isolation or wait for the GP to confirm it.
DS2 has two appoints this week that I will have to cancel if it is confirmed, obviously I will just cancel & rearrange if it is pig flu BUT don't want ds2 to have to wait even longer for orthotics & SALT if I only have a cold.
But obviously don't want anyone else to catch anything nasty.
Also bloody school timetable is all over the place this week as its the last week of term,I'll have to miss sports day & ds1's leavers presentation .
Thats if they will even test for it now, I may spend the week at home with a cold because I don't want to risk spreading possible pigflu.
Oh & then there is work but thats another story!

Widemouthfrog Mon 13-Jul-09 09:40:17

I had this dilemma last week. I felt awful - sore throat, achey, headache, runny nose and very tired. I looked at all the checklists, and while I ticked most, I did not have a fever. I worked on the assumption, rightly or wrongly, that it was just a summer cold.

No-one else is ill around me, so hopefully I made the right decision blush.

Its a close call - in our area they are not testing, just diagnosing based on symptoms.

anonandlikeit Mon 13-Jul-09 10:15:49

I've spokem to the GP who thinks its swineflu & has prescribed Tamiflu. We have to keep a close eye on ds2, at the 1st sign of any symptoms he is to have tamiflu also.

Apparently they are no longer testing, I'm still not convinced but can only follow their advice.

So i am officially in quaranteen.

Widemouthfrog Mon 13-Jul-09 10:23:40

Hope your feeling better soon, and DS2 is ok.

anonandlikeit Mon 13-Jul-09 10:28:21

Thank you, hope you are better too!

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