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debs40 Sun 12-Jul-09 17:34:37

What are people's views on CAMHS?

I noticed that the NAS site has got a survey on this exact topic on their homepage at present and, as someone new to this process, I am keen to find out whether they are likely to be of much help.

My son has been referred to CAMHS as well as SALT and OT.

I have heard very negative views expressed on this site in terms of professionals limited experience in ASD and I wondered how widespread their use is.

I know from reading Tony Attwood's book that there is scope for psychological therapy to assist with some ASD symptoms but, after reading the posts a few weeks back, I am concerned that it could turn into a 'blame the parent' session.

Any thoughts welcomed

troutpout Sun 12-Jul-09 18:56:42

I had a very good experience of camhs tbh

I'm sure it depends very much on where you live and who you get though

I was referred over (within camhs) to a team which dealt solely with diagnosing asd.
Not ever once did i feel like there was anyone dealing out fact it was the opposite. I was made to feel that i had done wonders with have got him that have have worked out early interventions off my own back. They made me feel like a good parent (which had been a rare feeling tbh).

I cried with relief when i left the place.

They then referred me over to other areas (ot for ds's dyspraxia and someone to talk to about his ocd ish behavours)

debs40 Sun 12-Jul-09 19:26:51

Thanks trourpout, that's encouraging! I'm hoping as they are part of the ASD multidisciplinary team that there will be suitably skilled people involved!

WetAugust Sun 12-Jul-09 23:50:09

Overall - poor, mainly because they are over-streched. Too few appointments too widely spaced out.

Convential psychological therapues aren't always effective with ASD as things such as CBT rely on the patient having a sense of what is 'normal' - which of course an ASD doesn't always have.

Might be better in your area though.

Nyrrem Mon 13-Jul-09 15:22:30

Hi Debs40,

My experience has been similar to troutpout. When we have seen someone they've been pretty useful with good advice(so far) and have been very encouraging about what we've done with ds. Have to say they are a bit stretched tho, so we've had to wait for appointments.

Good luck smile

daisy5678 Mon 13-Jul-09 18:41:01

I love CAMHS - the only useful agency and the only impartial one, importantly. They don't have to pay for provision in his Statement so are more than happy to say it like it is!

J's consultant psychiatrist is fantastic - helpful with everything and refers on when needed.

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