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Have to share! (CP comment)

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laumiere Sat 11-Jul-09 20:11:25

As many of you know, DS1 (3) has diplegic CP, and we've always been told if he ever has breathing problems, go straight to Casualty. Today he was struggling with a cold and his breathing got very laboured about 12 so we went to Casualty. Three hours (and one CP meltdown)later, the doc confirms DS1 has a chest infection (fair enough).

What made me smile? The doc asking me (completely seriously) 'are you sure your son actually has cerebral palsy?'

I must have looked a bit surprised as he continued, saying 'well most of the cerebral palsy kids I see are very frail and your son is really strong and alert'.....

Would anyone honestly say their kids had CP when they didn't ???? Maybe those mums who were talking about buying radar keys?

HecatesTwopenceworth Sat 11-Jul-09 20:14:54

do you think he meant has your son been misdiagnosed rather than you were just some sort of nut, going round saying your child had cp?

well, whatever he meant, I can imagine the look on your face grin

Goblinchild Sat 11-Jul-09 20:22:55

Well, he's a better educated doctor now he's met you and your son. Hope you opened his eyes.
I've met people who've been doubtful about G's dx of AS, but that's not uncommon.
Never heard a professional question someone with a physical needs dx.

TotalChaos Sat 11-Jul-09 22:31:49

let's hope he realised how stupid a comment that was after he made it. surely he should know that the kids that attend A & E regularly would tend to be the ones more prone to illness.

WetAugust Sat 11-Jul-09 22:42:18

Story of our lives unfortunatley. Doctors with unrealistic 'stereotypes' of how any illness / condition should manifest itself.

You just have to look at how many failure sto dx meninitis - "Go home and take an asprin" to see just how incompetent many doctors actually are.

Goblin - if you're still around get thee over to the dark side Really Kwikly

Goblinchild Sat 11-Jul-09 23:05:29

Left a message in a bottle for you WA.

WetAugust Sat 11-Jul-09 23:23:49

Bottle duly retrieved and contents digested. Thank you.

laumiere Sun 12-Jul-09 16:15:05

Hecate i think he meant a misdiagnosis, as I explained that DS didn't walk til he was 3....

2shoes Sun 12-Jul-09 17:02:17

what a knob head.
dd is not frail. tbh if a doctor used the expresion "cerebal palsey kds" I would ask for another one.

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