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piedro sandals size 33 for anyone who could do with a spare pair

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Lauree Sat 11-Jul-09 17:43:58

red sandal boots, with very supportive heels. They were worn for two weeks last year before it started raining again, and have been worn down just a little at the back, but I can't bear to throw them out because it took me ages to persuade our OT to get them. Would love 'em to go to a good home... anyone who wears peidro's all the time gets very HOT feet, and these would help.

would suit boy or girl. can take orthopedic insoles if necessary, but have moulded soles with arch support.

ilovesprouts Sat 11-Jul-09 19:22:08

hi wat shoe size is 33 ds2 wears piedro boots

Deeeja Sat 11-Jul-09 21:08:07

Such a kind offer, wrong size for my ds, but bumping for anyone else. smile

Deeeja Sat 11-Jul-09 21:10:41

I think it is about a size 13 or size 1

Lauree Sat 11-Jul-09 21:22:07

ILsprouts, I don't know what size 33 is, but if your DS wears piedros already, the size is printed on the inside, after a long number and a dot .. xxxxxxxxx.33. It is on these ones, anyway.

and Deeeja, thanks for the kind bump....

ilovesprouts Sun 12-Jul-09 10:29:50

too big for him but thanks smile

Phoenix4725 Sun 12-Jul-09 12:22:26

to big here ds is only uk 7 but is feet sweat so bad in is piedr boos and people lok a him and can se ethe look like whys that poor child wearing boots

Sandhills Mon 13-Jul-09 23:01:56

If the boots are still on offer my dd could use them. She wears Piedro boots, she is only size 31 at the minute but they would do her next summer.

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