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Help - having problems getting asd 7 yr old examined by doctor!

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notabot Fri 10-Jul-09 12:17:11

Has anyone got any advice? Our 7 yr old asd son has a lump on his neck and a really stiff neck too. the doctor tried to examine him while he screamed and cried and resisted her. she felt the lump and pronounced it to be a worryingly swollen lymph gland. but she refused to examine him further because of the fuss he was making and said we should watch out for "the usual things". There must be plenty of other kids who do this with doctors. anyone had any experience of this, or any thoughts on what we should do? not sure if doctors are restrained from wrestling with resisant patients?? fair enough of they are, but what are you supposed to do to get your kid examined?

sickofsocalledexperts Fri 10-Jul-09 12:40:47

I have the same with my DS. Only thing I try and do is warn them up front that my child is autistic, and then perhaps take along someone else so you can both physically hold him down. If they refuse, tell them you'll ask for a doctor more accustomed to special needs, that should make them wake up a bit about their discriminatory behaviour. The NHS is for all, not just for the well-behaved when in doc's surgery!

notabot Fri 10-Jul-09 13:28:33

absolutely! I've got a telephone consult with a different doctor this afternoon (rather than dragging ds there again for another unproductive and stressful session) so we'll see what he's got to say for himself! hopefully she's just poor at "difficult" patients and other doctors in the surgery will be more helpful. If not, I like your line about "more accustomed to special needs" - will def use that one! thanks

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