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Trying to help a little 3 year old who has cancer!

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Hayleyw Fri 10-Jul-09 10:49:55

Hi, I am helping to raise funds for Chelsea to get treatment in America as it offers 60% survival chance rather than the 20% here.
I am trying to gather support for their appeal in all sorts of ways from fundraising ideas to joining our facebook group :

I have a page for Chelsea my Friends (her Auntie) website which tells you all about her.
She has Neuroblastoma, diagnosed this time last year. She only had the 1 tumour now, but 4 more active tumours have been found. :-(

If anyone has any good contacts of people who could help, do you know a celebrity, do you work for a large company who would donate a raffle prize.weI have written 80 letter and received about 5 offers of help :-(

I hope thist does not offend anyone, please, I am only trying to spread the word and let people decided if they want to help us in any way, shape or form.
Thank you for reading, kind regards

cjones2979 Fri 10-Jul-09 23:03:41

Good luck !!

mum2fredandpudding Sat 11-Jul-09 14:35:45

good luck. she's beautiful.

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