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Another one knocked for six when problems are wrote down

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jetcat32 Thu 09-Jul-09 14:46:14

I have received the appeal bundle for DD1s dla appeal - we were turned down. On the consultant's report, he states she has speech and language delay, developmental delay and very easily becomes confused.sad I think in the back of my mind all these years i have thought it was just me being a bit PFBish, although i knew she did struggle with a lot of things others found easy. But to see her consultant actually write it down, i am just feeling a little emotional. I had been toying with the idea of getting access to her medical records, so i can see exactly how/what they are recommending, as usually i cant get a straight answer from her otherwise lovely consultant! I think i will go for it now.

I cant believe she is 12, and this is the first definitive dx we have for her, apart from a rather 'wooly' sensory processing disorder a few years back. I feel really bad that i havent pushed as hard as i am now for help for her, as i had my own health issues to contend with, and a very abusive ex.

Some interesting comments from the ATOS medical however, but thats another story lol!

WetAugust Thu 09-Jul-09 22:49:25

Yes it can be very distressing to see it all in black and white. Your consulatnat should be keeping you fully informed and explaininh your DD's care to you.

As for the DLA - definitely appeal. Any young person with diffculties such as she has definitely has greater need for care than another child without her difficulties which is the test that the DWP should be applying.

It's worth talking to the CAB and getting in touch with a Welfare rights worker to help you appeal. your local council may also be able to provide welfare rights advice.

pickyvic Thu 09-Jul-09 22:58:23

funny you should talk about seeing it in black and white - ive just filled out DS dla renewal and he sounds so disabled - its hard to see it on paper, and i got out his reports etc to photocopy and send off aswell - makes me realise when i see it. i dont notice as much with him because im just used to him.
good luck with the appeal aswell. x

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