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eidsvold Wed 18-May-05 11:43:25

Dd1 was measured on Monday for her shoe inserts. Thankfully she can keep the new shoes we just bought her as the inserts can go into existing shoes provided they are good supportive shoes. We just bought her some good leather clarks boots.

I was so proud of her she did really well sitting relatively still while he made the cast of her foot.

Be interested to see the outcome in terms of her support and walking.

so exciting......

RTKangaMummy Wed 18-May-05 11:49:24


Dingle Thu 19-May-05 16:27:20

dd has her first real physio session today since we stopped attending the group sessions last summer!! They are happy with how she is doing and haven't changed her program at all. She still needs to continue with her AFOs for part of the day. I know how much they have helped her come on and I can remember driving home from the hospital last year, when they first agreed that dd should have them - I cried nearly all the way home!

I know the results with dd's walking happened amazingly quick! Well done to your little lady for behaving so nicely! (it took 3 of them to keep Amelia occupied!!)

lucyep Fri 20-May-05 14:57:38

Our daughter Lucy has these inserts in her shoes - has had them for about a year now. Beware if you try to get Clarks doodles in the summer - the inserts don't fit unless you get the boys styles that are velcro fastening. She seems to be walking a bit better with them, not so straight legged.

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