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Another query - DS started hitting himself when upset

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debs40 Wed 08-Jul-09 22:37:04

Following from my post earlier about DS and an incident in school, I wanted to ask about self-hitting.

DS (undergoing assessment for possible AS) has recently started doing this when stressed out/in meltdown. Usually when he is annoyed at himself for doing something 'wrong'. He doesn't do it very hard but he will say 'oh no, I'll have to hit myself/strangle myself'.

It is worrying me that he is doing this. None of the appointments we have lined up with CAMHS/SALT/OT have started and yet I raised this with my GP in January. It all takes so long.

I could just do with talkign about this sort of thing with someone who understands this type of behaviour - good job I've got you guys!

busybeingmum Wed 08-Jul-09 22:46:44

Message withdrawn

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