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And the award for the TRIGGER for tonights MELTDOWN goes to.....

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MsF Wed 08-Jul-09 22:21:39

ME & the nail scissors & toothpaste.

Cutting ds3's nails is still an issue- he's 10 now....but after tonights meltdown i think i finally understand the anxiety he feels.

He's often complained he does not like the feel of his fingers after the nails have been cut...but never as bad as tonight.

This is what he said screamed:

"....but my thumbs are all opposite now!!!!!"

I asked what he meant....
"...they are both different now....i like them the same"

trouble is...DH then waded in telling ds off for kicking me etc...and it all escalated into major family argument. (i prefer to deal with the meltdown...then deal with the kicking...but dh does not agree)

then it was teeth time.

the only toothpaste that ds uses 'properly' is the colgate smiles age 0-2yrs...yes...he's 10. He hates even the mildest flavours that would be better for his age. we had sucess with strawberry Punch & judy for a while...but i have lost count of how many tubes i buy to try....SN dentist suggested one- it was too strong.

so decided to give up and just get some more least then he brushes twice a day for 1 minute... now i'm lucky to get him to tolerate 10 seconds once a day...

but this toothpaste is nowhere to be found!

mysonben Wed 08-Jul-09 22:34:56

Oh dear, it 'is so hard sometimes trying to do simple daily things with our dc. They do not give us an easy ride do they!
We struggle with dressing up, undressing, nails cutting, bathtime , eating,... teeth brushing is ok but he has to have that colgate smiles toothpaste too {wink]

Much trouble at bedtime lately because ds 3.8y, still has a dummy for bed, and both his dummies are old and worn and i have hunted high and low for the same picture on the front of the dummies and the manufac. have changed the pics. hmm
For 3 nights now ds is having a fit over his new dummies, he cries that "they are not his", i got him 2 differents ones and get him to pick the one he wants, he does it but then refuses to put it in his mouth and carries on crying until he falls asleep. sad

MsF Thu 09-Jul-09 09:51:31

we went through the dummy thing too... ds actually still had his very worn dummies in bed till they absolutely fell apart....and he was over 5.

he also had his 'milky cup of tea' in a bottle till 4.... and though i know i was right to stop the bottle....i am sad that with that he also stopped drinking his milky tea...and infact any milky drink. (he's 10 now...and i honestly believe that if i'd let him carry on with his bottle...he'd still be drinking cups of tea and strawberry milkshakes....I don't believe the phrase "they will grow out of it" applies to my son!

You may find over time your son will end up 'dummiless'.....or he may 'learn' to 'tolerate' the replacement ones that you have is amazing how we cannot fool them...DS knew one of his dummies by a scratch on the picture...when we lost it i tried to scartch another 'identical' dummy...and ofcourse he knew.

also you brought back memories of how....I'd buy dummies constantly...leave them lying he would hopefully use them that way 'wear them in' so none of them felt brand new...he reckoned they had a 'dummy smell' i daren't wash them....

ooh! i forgot how controled i was by dummies!!!!

MsF Thu 16-Jul-09 12:12:12

mysonben....i wondered if you could tell me where to get the 'yellow' colgate smiles 0-2 toothpaste?

It's apparently discontinued by colgate...and available in '£' type bargain shops???

I've tried ebay- no luck...I'd buy loads of tubes if i could find it!!!

mysonben Thu 16-Jul-09 14:25:29

Sorry, They have stopped doing that toothpaste , i can only see the smiles, 3+y, green it is i think.
I've introduced ds to the milky teeth one ,from 0 to 3y, he looked at the package suspiciously but is ok with it.
So can't really help. sad

MsF Tue 21-Jul-09 23:37:45

just to say...2 tubes of the yellow 0-2 were delivered to me today.....and ds brushed his teeth tonight!!!!!!

mysonben Wed 22-Jul-09 00:03:40

Brilliant! You both most be relieved! wink

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