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A little bit concerned - DD has changed her accent!!

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mummytopebs Wed 08-Jul-09 19:58:48

DD is 4.3 the last few weeks she has been talking babyish which i thought and hoped was just a phase, as her speech seemed much slower than usual and she seemed to be dragging out words. Well the last couple of days her speech has got even stranger she is speaking in a completely different accent, she is pronouncing her vowel sounds differently the only way i can describe it is like a cockney accent - its very strange. Please enlighten me to wether this is normal as i am starting to get a bit concerned

mummytopebs Wed 08-Jul-09 20:31:59


WasUnderThirthy Wed 08-Jul-09 20:40:10

Hi am really not sure if this can help but I did watch a report on the Today show (in the States) about three people who woke up with a different accent. The concerned people intervied seemed genuine and althought they were met with scepticism their story rang true.

Maybe it will pass?

mamabell Wed 08-Jul-09 20:41:46

How funny - My DS did exactly the same at around a similar age - he started to drop his 'h's and 't's and sounding a bit cockney!

He is like a little sponge and I have always assumed he must have picked the accent up from someone at the nursery he attended as he was there 4 days a week.

He still speaks like it now at 5 although it has toned down quite a lot - I correct him when I think about it but it doesn't really bother me any more - bigger things to worry about!

misscutandstick Wed 08-Jul-09 20:45:58

actually DS4 (4.2y, ASD) has a wierd accent too - just like your DD, its kinda cockney with a posh bit.

WE are northern. kinda Bahnsley (barnsley)

he says GRARSS, and CARSTLES, we say GRass, and Cassles... really dont know whats going on but hes been speaking like it for about 2 or 3mths now.

Incidently my nephew (9.5y, Aspergers) also has a very peculiar accent, and it has passed thru 'cockney' and back a few times!

mummytopebs Wed 08-Jul-09 20:56:59

DD is currently been assessed for aspergers, miscutandstick that is exactly how she is talking cokney and posh, we are from up north to and it does sound very weird.

I will mention it to her paeditrician next week

5inthebed Wed 08-Jul-09 21:01:10

I'm up north (Geordie land), and DS2 does say quite a few words quite "posh". I always think it is because his SALT is well spoken, but having my doubts after reading this thread.

Very interesting.

mummytopebs Wed 08-Jul-09 21:04:39

It is very interesting, She has been off nursery for 2 week as we have been on holiday and she has only really been talking to me and her dad so dont know where she has picked it up from, but it is a definite change.

TotalChaos Wed 08-Jul-09 21:44:15

my DS (who supposedly isn't ASD)but language delayed is similar to misscut's DS - he has most of a local Scouse accent, with odd bits of posh - girarffe and barth (almost certainly from Sing and Sign DVD) - and the odd bit of US from Dora the Explorer. The dinner lady at his school stopped me last week to ask where we were from, as she loved his unusual accent PMSL. I don't think it's normal per se to have these accent glitches, but I don't think it's worrying, just model back the "right" pronunciation enough and hope for the best!!

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