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ds made me chuckle today...

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mysonben Tue 07-Jul-09 22:32:49

DS is 3.8, asd, and has a big language delay/sli, anyway this morning as i was following his salt tips ,as always i was narrating what i was doing while preparing his chocolate milkshake bottle. I get the warm bottle out of the m/w , ds is waiting eagerly holding the chocolate powder tin ,then i said to him " Now where do you put the chocolate powder?" , he said "there" and pointed at the grocery shelf in the cupboard! grin

cjones2979 Tue 07-Jul-09 22:43:58

Ah bless him !!!

Mine made me laugh today too. He's 5.8, asd & also has language delay. He was playing with his Elefun game (Blows butterflies out of its trunk & he's supposed to catch them in a net but actually prefers to watch them flutter out all over the floor! grin). He had been trying for a while to keep its trunk in the air as it has a habit of flopping over, and he came out with "Need to get some air, Joshie's hot". I thought that was so cute.

mysonben Tue 07-Jul-09 23:21:09

How cute! They are funny at times with the way they speak aren't they!

DS cannot say "i am cold" instead he says "it's cold outside" for example.
It's like he talks in riddles sometimes, and he doesn't talk much so it's a bit of a puzzle trying to understand sometimes. grin

Barmymummy Wed 08-Jul-09 07:52:19

Hee hee!

My DS made me laugh today too. He comes out of his room first thing this morning, says "hello mummy, you can make my bed now" and trots off downstairs to get his breakfast!!! Oh the life to have a housemaid eh?!

magso Wed 08-Jul-09 09:03:16

Oh I still do that running verbal commentry - gets me some odd looks when we are out and about ( Ds is 9)!
Ds sprayed (my) perfume in his face so screamed for assistance! Once comfortable ( eyes not too red!) I asked him why he had wanted my perfume. He said 'I'm just going to freshen up' ( not a phrase I use but I think his teacher does). Still he smelt nice!
He also has a devastatingly honest way of telling me (housemaid mummy) his bed needs changing or the floor needs wiping! One day he will get the hang of the extra verbal nicities!

misscutandstick Wed 08-Jul-09 09:24:47

DS4, 4.2y, ASD, tends to say the words he wants you to repeat. ie. "you want some" (gripping the thing tightly), "SORRY MUMMY" (when hes upset about something ive done). he too is convinced im the maid. "you need to do X", and "do Y". It all sounds a bit clinical.

magso Wed 08-Jul-09 10:11:19

HA! Yes Ds actually says 'Magso need to clean floor' in a very imperial (isnt the service here awful) way! I am teaching him to say 'Sorry mummy' or, 'please would you help me clean the floor'! He has learnt to say ( smoothie that he is) 'Mummy you have worked hard/ been kind today. You must have a treat!' Whilst brandishing something HE wants to (if I am lucky) share with me!

cjones2979 Wed 08-Jul-09 11:41:24

DS1 says things like "Mummy need to clean the table, it's manky" The only reason its 'manky' in the first place is because its glass & he has to run his hand across it everytime he walks past it!!

If I ask him to sit at the table with his sandwich/biscuit etc, he will say "Need to sit at the table, man's hoovered". I wish I knew who this 'man' was that supposedly hoovers my house!! LOL grin

lingle Wed 08-Jul-09 13:39:59

ok well while's we're at it -

I lifted up my elbow yesterday and DS2 said: "you got little beard under your arm".


cjones2979 Wed 08-Jul-09 15:46:54

LOL @ "you got a little beard under your arm"

That is so funny !!!!

Hmmm, Mummy, time for a shave me thinks grin

bubblagirl Wed 08-Jul-09 16:02:02

lol lingle
ds was panicked when he saw me in shower as id lost my willy blushi then tried to tell him about facts of life

then we had to go into toilets at sainsbury's for him to be so literal again that lady doesn't have a willy does she pointing at said lady blush again

oh and his another one who demands i get up to do this or that for him wakes me up to tell me his awake and then says are you awake now mummy go and get my cereal grin

but i like it really considering he was once so jumbled we always said he talked in riddles we had to really work them out and didnt think this day of conversation would ever happen even if he does have a bossy head lol

Barmymummy Wed 08-Jul-09 16:04:28

PMSL @ beard comment! Thats hilarious!!

mysonben Wed 08-Jul-09 22:19:44

Ha ha ha, these kiddies are so funny!
I love "the little beard under your arm"
DS is bossing me about too grin
In the morning he always tells me in his own way "get up mummy , get Amy (his baby sis) i want milkshake!"
No rest for the wicked!

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