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Question about Dyspraxia/DCD

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yanny Tue 07-Jul-09 20:05:54

Had the OT out for a home visit last week after receiving dd's report to show us some exercises to do daily at home. She is also due to attend group OT sessions twice a week later this month. We have also switched to caring cutlery and using some visual aids as she has difficulty with following more than 1 or 2 instructions at once

DD was in 1st percentile for Movement abc (OT said this is how they would usually test for Dyspraxia/DCD). However, OT also says paed/therapist (currently on a waiting list for CAHMS with no indication of how long an appt may take) may not diagnose on the basis of her report even though DD is described as having definite motor skills difficulties.

She ticks most boxes for Dyspraxia but then I notice a fair few symptoms are indicative of Aspergers too so I'm confused. Nothing new there then blush

So in a nutshell, would you think it would be unusual not to get a dx based on this score/report. It seems to be the lowest score and her difficulties are becoming more apparent the older she gets.

amberflower Tue 07-Jul-09 20:41:04

yanny I suspected dyspraxia for my DS too (he doesn't have gross motor issues but was on 1st%ile for fine motor co-ordination and also has issues with concentration etc) but he was DXed ASD with Aspergers presentation.

An Ed psych I have since spoken to told me that there are so many overlaps between the 'symptoms' of aspergers/dyspraxia/dyslexia that it is no wonder we all get sounds to me as if the DX you may or may not get will be very much down to the opinion of the paed. I was certainly expecting dyspraxia DX if anything and was gobsmacked by the ASD one.

It's good your DD is getting some OT support though. My DS has just finished a course of OT group sessions and I've definitely felt he has benefited from them.

yanny Tue 07-Jul-09 22:19:50

Thanks amberflower. I guess we will have to wait until we get the appt for CAHMs through. Apparently they will write to us when we 'near the top of the waiting list' It really does seem to be a waiting game.

DD is 9 now and I have been back and forth for a number of years to GP who then referred us to the school GP (which took 13 months!) and she ummed and ahhed about what to do after telling me DD didnt have any gross motor issues. Eventually referred us to OT and lo and behold - she got it wrong. I'm sure the report will be an interesting read for her wink

I'm hopeful for the group sessions although changes are extremely hard for DD to cope with, she often has terrible anxiety. I have trouble getting her to go anywhere but we have a few weeks to prepare!

siblingrivalry Tue 07-Jul-09 23:05:45

yanny, my dd is 8 and has a recent diagnosis of DCD and AS. I agree with amberflower, there are a lot of overlapping traits and behaviours.

To be honest, we were 'passed around' a lot and I got sick of conflicting opinions from various professionals. However, we got there in the end.
My only advice would be to trust your instincts and your knowledge of your daughter's difficulties. Good luck smile

yanny Wed 08-Jul-09 20:29:04

Siblingrivalry thanks for your reply, glad you finally got there with your dd

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