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Autism? Advice needed desperately please!

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luckyjames Mon 06-Jul-09 16:19:48

My 19mth old son was never a good sleeper or eater and always falling ill with infections, colds etc. Probably all linked, if not eating well then won't sleep well and if ill or teething then won't sleep and eat well. He is delayed with speech (less than 5 words) but seems to understand a lot. He is very shy and usually but not always, looks down when strangers talk to him. He is also very specific with some of the things he does e.g he may want his dad to hold him while i hold the bottle for him to drink his milk. Recently, he went off his food, had a high temperature then the next 2 days was dribbling excessively. Since then, he seems to have lost some of the words he previously can say, no longer kisses and can't point out which is the butterfly or cat or dog in his book. Also he seems more unhappy than usual and irritated very easily (he has always loved smiling and laughing and having fun). Does it sound like he has autism? Has anyone had children who forgot some words or skills but was not autistic? I'm so worried

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Mon 06-Jul-09 16:27:37

I really think you are worrying too much!

When ill children can regress a little. It's natural for that tohappen.

A lot of things you say are of the toddler- normal variety: I ahve 4, 2 with an ASD dx, and they all did / do them- such as breing shy etc.

If you really are concerned 9and it can be hard to paint a reflective picture on MN) do speak your HV, but i would give your LO a few eeks to get well first, it won't hurt

cjones2979 Mon 06-Jul-09 16:30:35

First of all, please try not to worry yourself.

My son is 5.8 and has Autism. He was a very happy, contented baby, always ate well & slept well, very rarely ill, looked at people when they spoke to him, but didn't speak very well (only saying 4 words at age 2).

It sounds like your little one might just be having a tough time of it with his illnesses and may have a very low immune system.

Personally (and I'm no expert!), I would say it doesn't sound like ASD, but if you're worried, get him checked out by your GP.

Hope this helps settle you a little bit.

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Mon 06-Jul-09 16:33:58

FWIW the sd criteria is summed up by what's called the triad of impaitrments which you can locate by searching NAS triad (thre NAS national autistic society one is easy and clear)

however so many behaviours at this age area sd like anyway!

I ahve as I said 2 with asd. i also have one beinga ssessed soon for dyspraxia and a 15 monthold.

I know a fair bit about ASD and yet still couldn't tell you if he will go on to develop ASpergers (like ds1) or regress (like ds3)

mum2fredandpudding Mon 06-Jul-09 17:54:12

when you talk about the few things that he seems to have regressed in (pointing, kissing etc) are you talking over a few days or that they have been missing for months?

However - i agree with all of the above.

whilst you mention a few things that are not uncommon in asd kiddies, these things can also be found in many NT kids. Plus if her has been unwell, this is probably influencing his behaviour. Try not to worry yourself too much.

But as said above - if you have any concerns, trust your gut, YOU know him best, and push your HV or GP to assess him and refer him on if that is what you want.

(i have 2 ds's - DS1 dx ASD at 2.5, ds2 11 months)

troutpout Mon 06-Jul-09 18:23:02

I think perhaps you are over worrying a little ...(easy enough for us mums)
It could just be that he has had a run of being poorly and regressed because of that. It is very common for children to do this when under the weather.
The excessive dribbling/irritablility/lack of apetite could just be teething?
Perhaps just pop along to the gp to have a checkup if you are still worried.
Hope he's back to his smiley happy self soon smile

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