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Receptive & expressive speech delays.....really silly question

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Barmymummy Mon 06-Jul-09 14:23:43

I apologise in advance for this ridiculous sounding question as it is going to sound like I want you to get a crystal ball BUT I guess I am looing out for people who have been through this with their DC.

My DS (just turned 4) has receptive and expressive speech delays (un-dx'd ASD) somewhere in the region of about 6 months (so SALT says but I suspect slightly more.)

When kids have these delays do they catch up over the years or am I just being silly and always tend to have difficulties in this area? I am really new to all this and ought to speak to the SALT really but I am not due to see her again for months.

Have any of your DC had delays and eventually caught up? Thanks for helping, x

cjones2979 Mon 06-Jul-09 14:49:52

I can't answer your question as my DS1 is 5.8 and has ASD, and his speech back in January (he was 5.2) was on a par with a 3 year old, but has come on since then, although not caught up with a NT 5 year old.

Only going by my own experience, I was able to call my sons SALT with any questions I had. Could you maybe give that a try ?

Hope this helps.x

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