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What should I expect from first school report?

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bunnyrabbit Mon 06-Jul-09 14:22:08

Sorry long post coming.

This applies to NT and SN I suppose. DS1 (ASD) is in reception and has 10 mins 1 to 1 everyday but no other support at school. Since 1 to 1 started in March his behaviour has improved immensely. He still has some difficulties, but is so much better at ending an activity and waiting his turn, keeping quiet and playing with others. We had a meeting with the Senco last week and it seems that everyone is of the same opinion.

So, I have his report now and it's pretty dissapointing to be honest. There is no mention of the improvment in his behaviour, or the progress he has made, of his special needs or anything. I recognise a lot of the phrases as milestone they have to reach (sorry, don't know what the technical terms are for stuff they have to be able to do!!!) like, "He can recognise number 10 to 20 etc etc" and my friend thinks they are using software which enables them to pick up key phrases.

So, what should I expect? Even the comment from the teacher at the end is not particularly personal.

Don't want to go in all guns blazing only to find this is usual.


Barmymummy Mon 06-Jul-09 14:27:40

Ahhh you have my sympathies because like you I would have been so pleased to see his progress recognised. I am not sure what the protocol is but I guess I would try to look at it as no mention of the negative things as a good thing?! I don't know, maybe have a word and see if this is the usual practice etc.

Well done to your DS though, thats such a huge improvment, you should rightly be very proud, xx

coppertop Mon 06-Jul-09 16:54:44

Ours is mainly things like "This year we have been learning about ABC and <ds> can do XYZ" but there are also comments on progress and behaviour in there.

There is no specific mention of autism but there are sentences about things like coping with change and transition.

The general comments at the end are very obviously about each boy and they describe their characters and abilities very well IMHO.

I think it's fairly common to use the cut & paste stuff to describe the actual work done but I would expect the teacher's comments at the end to be more individual.

dinosaur Mon 06-Jul-09 17:03:27

DS3 is just coming to the end of his time in Reception, he has a statement and full-time 1:1.

His report is much more personalised than this - it has comments all the way through which recognise the improvements in his general all-round sociability etc as well as just being able to count and recognise numbers. It does seem very disappointing that yours is so cut-and-paste sad.

anonandlikeit Mon 06-Jul-09 17:10:01

TBH the structure of reports vary so much from school to school.
A friends dc school reports are very factual, based on achieving the primary targets etc.
DS'S reports are very personal talking about areas of strength & areas for improvement & how they are as individuals.

There is normally a section for parents feedback, could you comment that it would be useful to recieve a more personal report.

bunnyrabbit Tue 07-Jul-09 08:45:26

Thanks for the feeback guys.

Having read the report again there are a few personal bits, "DS1 likes pretending to be a superhero/building things" etc. but it just feels like there tacked on if you get my drift. Nothing really 'nice' about him only observations. Even the comments at the end say "DS1 is learning to...." which just makes it seem his behaviour hasn't improved.

They do say at the end that we can arragne an appoitnemtn to discuss the report so I will call the schoool today and arrange to see his teacher as it doesn't appear there is going to be a parents evening at all.



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