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Would anyone like to 'borrow' a weeing doll?

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sphil Mon 06-Jul-09 13:24:15

A long, long time ago blush Cyber sent me a doll that wees - her DS had finished with it and the understanding was that I would then pass it on to anyone who felt that their DC's toilet training might benefit.

So - requests please! If there's more than one person who wants it, I'll get Ds2 to pick from a hat or something.

Bigpants1 Mon 06-Jul-09 19:07:18

Hi. I have a dd who is 3.5yrs, and we are finding toilet training hard going. She has 2 brothers-one with Aspergers, one HFA, and we are suspecting she may be on the spectrum, so that is why finding toilet training hard to grasp?
Would really like the doll and promise to take good care of her and give her a good home. Thankyou.

cyberseraphim Mon 06-Jul-09 19:26:28

Alas although I never used the doll as a miracle struck before it arrived in the post, the reason for ordering it was its male anatomical correctness. I think female equivalents are more easily available in the shops.

jennybensmummy Mon 06-Jul-09 20:07:52

were nowhere near ready for one but can you tell me where you got it from so when we are i can get one!!

PipinJo Mon 06-Jul-09 23:44:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sphil Tue 07-Jul-09 10:36:04

Oh I want to know this as well! DS2 just bends backwards in the middle, laughing his head off, if I try to encourage him to wee standing upgrin

Forgot to mention that doll is male!

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