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Cinema Cards.....

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lottiejenkins Sun 05-Jul-09 16:38:42

My ds has one of the cinema cards where whoever takes him to the cinema goes in free. Our local cinema has a sheet where the person has to sign.... Every time we go they give me the pen to sign instead of him hmm sad I am aware that some children arent able to sign for themselves but he can and i think it must be a little disheartening for him to see the pen being given to me. I do hand the pen over and say " he can write his name" Would it be ott to phone the manager and have a word?? Would love to know if im being unreasonable! All i want is as much independence as i can for my ds!! smile

lottiejenkins Sun 05-Jul-09 17:14:34


anonandlikeit Sun 05-Jul-09 17:24:40

I have a form in my "to do" heap for a cinema card.
Could you just take a step back so that they are forced to hand your ds the pen.
If you are talking about a big Cinema, i'm not sure that a word with the manager would filter through for all future visits.
If its a smaller cinema then I guess it may work.

Sent my SCYPP's forms off, so fingers crossed that they'll have space left for DS2!

lottiejenkins Sun 05-Jul-09 17:33:20

Its the UCG in Ipswich Anon! I have the managers direct number.... I make it my business to have these things! I now have the staff at Liverpool St where i want them too. They wanted me to put Wilf in one of those airline seats on the train... shock Can you imagine what that would be like! I got the station manager brought down to the platform and introduced him to Wilf....wink He soon changed his mind! All i have to do now is go to customer services and ask for assistance half an hour before the train goes. I know they can help cos last year trains were stopping at Shenfield and they paid £260 for a taxi to get us back to Diss! I can be very fearsome when i need to be! I hope you get your SCYPPS dates! Hugs to you xxx

anonandlikeit Sun 05-Jul-09 17:41:17

I have visions of the counter staff at LS running for cover when they see you coming grin I can imah=gine Wilf would make his opinions known too.. you've taught him well.wink
Ipswich station have been helpful when travelling on my own with ds2' luggage,w/chair etc.

May be worth ringing the Cinema, I was thinking would they remember one customer out of all those thousands.... but perhaps they will

lottiejenkins Sun 05-Jul-09 17:46:31

We always tell people they have had the "Wilfred experience" when they meet him.
When he goes on the Tube now he has been taught to offer his seat to people. Last time he stood up without being asked. The man said "should i sit?" I said "SIT!!" and explained that if he didnt sit then Wilf wouldnt think to offer to anyone else!!

anonandlikeit Sun 05-Jul-09 17:52:51

Ahh what a gentleman, I think we need a few more Wilf's on the tube & everywhere else for that matter.
I certainly enjoyed my Wilfred experience.

lottiejenkins Sun 05-Jul-09 17:55:46

Thanks!! grin and you got to skip with him as well!!! wink

anonandlikeit Sun 05-Jul-09 18:18:55

Yes, remind me to wear a more supportive Bra next time, But I did get a hug from him too smile

lottiejenkins Sun 05-Jul-09 18:24:30

This is the latest Wilf news too!!

anonandlikeit Sun 05-Jul-09 18:34:59

What a lovely post, he is a credit to you & your dh, & I shall make sure I keep on the right side of him from now on, a Karate expert & handsome grin

lottiejenkins Sun 05-Jul-09 21:16:22

Went off on a tangent there!! Anyone else got views on what do?

misscutandstick Mon 06-Jul-09 07:19:15

My DS would get a little distressed at being asked to sign his name - not that he cant, hes 16y and physically can manage it just fine. BUT he gets extremely anxious, and asking him to sign something (even as trivial as this) would send him over the edge and wouldnt enjoy the film for worrying about wether or not it was neat enough, or if they are coming to ask him to do it again, worrying if they'll forge his signature (dont ask me what for!?!) the list goes on.

So its a lot easier for us to sign.

I can absolutely understand why it might be commonplace for them to ask the carer to sign, there must be lots of reasons why the person with the card either cant or doesnt want to sign.

I think that stepping back or passing the pen is a good option. Well done on the judo badge BTW!

springlamb Mon 06-Jul-09 13:57:23

Are you sure they need your ds to sign?

At ours (and I was there Ice Aging yesterday) the card no is written but the signing is to be done by the person receiving the free ticket. I asked them the first time we used the card which was last summer when ds was 13.
I am very keen that ds sorts himself out whenever possible so he has been announcing himself at doctor's appointments for about 5 years, getting himself sorted in shops (he has my PIN) with me peeping from a corner.
I can appreciate your feelings: we recently went to see our Professor-person at his new consulting chambers.
DS, now handsome strapping 14 year old went to the desk, I sat down. 'Hi, I'm X X to see Professor X' DS introduced himself.
Three nurses went into a brief huddle then one said in very loud voice 'X have you anyone to look after you'.
Interrupted by Prof who said 'that one doesn't need looking after'.

lottiejenkins Mon 06-Jul-09 18:59:41

Yes the UCG's have a piece of paer which he has to sign........ I like the sound of your ds i think him and my ds would get on well!! wink

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