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Do you say Aspergers with hard or soft G

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hereidrawtheline Sun 05-Jul-09 09:41:12

I have always said it with a soft g but reading the Tony Attwood book and have learnt it is supposed to be a hard g as in get. Am going to try to retrain myself. How do you all say it? My Mom says it with a hard g but she is in America and I assumed it was just a cultural difference but now I know its because of the Asperger who "discovered" it and that is how he pronounced it.

Seuss Sun 05-Jul-09 09:46:23

I've been using soft g too - tbh I hadn't really thought about it. I will try and remember from now on though.

sarah293 Sun 05-Jul-09 09:46:52

Message withdrawn

hereidrawtheline Sun 05-Jul-09 09:48:58

yes I always thought it was soft g. but it isnt Hans Asperger was said with a hard G. In America and Australia they say hard G but I didnt think there was anything in it as so many words are pronounced differently. It doesnt really matter just to think about.

PeachyTheRiverParrettHarlot Sun 05-Jul-09 10:22:53

It's supposed to be a hard G I think but has become soft in the UK with use

I've found if I say hard G here people ask what syndrome I mean (!) so retreated back to soft (also ds1 gets called ass-burger and ass-burglar and soft sounds less like it IYSWIM)

5inthebed Sun 05-Jul-09 11:24:11

Is the soft G as in burger or verge blush

Goblinchild Sun 05-Jul-09 11:26:27

Soft g sounds like a j
So, as in verge.
I use the soft g, as have the professionals I've come into contact with,but I think either is accepted.

5inthebed Sun 05-Jul-09 11:32:49

Oh, then I use the soft G smile

troutpout Sun 05-Jul-09 12:27:54

in use the soft
...i know its supposed to be hard..but i would say about it's about 50/50 what people use.
don't like the way it sounds like ass burger either

Marne Sun 05-Jul-09 17:42:56

I use a soft 'r' but have herd a lot of people use a hard 'g' including professionals, i hate it when people say Ass-burgers (it sounds a little rude smile ).

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