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Constantly worried DS2 will have ASD like DD1.....Advice needed please ????!!!!

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cjones2979 Sat 04-Jul-09 21:59:34

DS1 is 5 and had ASD. DS2 is 10 months but I find myself constantly comparing him to DS1 as a baby !!
I'm petrified that DS2 will have Autism too. He is not showing any traits, but DS1 didn't at this age either. DS1 didn't walk until he was 17 months, but other than that, hit every milestone around the usual times.
I'm worrying because I have read that there is an increased chance that if one child has ASD, others can too (with same parents) and that it is more common in boys.
DS1 was a very contented baby, happy to lay on his changing mat in front of the telly (not actually watching it) for most of the day. He hardly ever cried. DS2 is completely different. He has been harder work than DS1 was. He will sit and watch telly, but likes to be entertained, maintains eye contact, moans when I leave the room etc etc.
Can anyone help put my mind at rest ?? I'd like to hear from anyone who has more than 1 child with the same partner and at least one of them has ASD.

cjones2979 Sat 04-Jul-09 22:00:50

Sorry, ignore this message, title is wrong. Will re-post !!

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