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Book recommendations please

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Barmymummy Fri 03-Jul-09 19:37:54

Could you please tell me the best book you have read with regards to how your ASD child 'sees' the world and how best to help them?

Have read 'quirky kids' and although I could spot DS in some of the things written it didn't really give me any ideas of what I could do to help at home. I have no probs engaging him at all so I want to make sure that the time I have with him is put to good use and whilst playing with him trying to get some messages across.

Same goes for speech help. More than Words comes up alot and so does Talkability. My DS has good vocab and no real pronounciation problems just delayed echolalia that comes and goes. His probs are more what he comes out with iykwim! Social stories would be helpful I think but these books are so expensive that I have to make sure its the right one as the pennies are so tight sad

Thank you so much, x

cjones2979 Sat 04-Jul-09 11:28:04

My DS is 5 and was dx with ASD when he was 3.

I haven't read any books, just got as much info as I can from the internet, but I know someone who works in a Special Needs School & she suggested I buy the book called 'My Social Stories' which can be purchased direct from the NAS. It cost me £12.95 plus £2 p&p, but I have seen some used ones on eBay.

Hope this helps.

mysonben Sat 04-Jul-09 11:30:23

I think it will be hard to find "the" book that will match our dc 'symptoms /problems perfectly and giving us the specific answers we are looking for. Because although our asd dc do share problems with communication, socialising, sensory,...well they are all at different levels with different issues in all the areas, hence the notion of "spectrum disorders', but i'm sure you know that already anyway. wink

I must say i myself is always on the lokkout for that one book that will describe /match my ds 'problems the closest but so far it's a hit and miss thing.

I totally agree that most books are well expensive and it's a pain to buy one and find little help in it.
Dito on the social stories books i've been checking out 'amazon' but not sure which ones to go for.

Ds has not said yet that he loves us, so i got him the "guess how much i love you" book with the two bunnies, but it's a bit of a battle as it doesn't talk about trains or cars so he loses interest quick.

fatslag Sat 04-Jul-09 15:59:15

My ds1 had the "guess how much" little touch leap pad version because it's supposed to "teach emotions". Total waste of money, no letters or numbers so was completely ignored.

Cheer up, Mysonben, he now says "I love you Mummy" / Harry / Daddy quite spontaneously. It'll come when he's ready.

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