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Sunderland results back

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misscutandstick Fri 03-Jul-09 11:53:28

It appears that ASD DS4 DOES NOT have any signs of leaky gut. YAY I say...

He has no intolerance to gluten, or casein, his poo hasnt changed in consistency or regularity (sorry TMI).


the results show that he is ALLERGIC to something, but because they arent looking to identify everything, they havent a clue what it is. sad

2 wks ago we sent said sample and then put him straight on GF diet (not milk free), he was even more demanding for about 4days then by day 5 he seemed to be calming. He is now (2wks later) quite calmer, handles being told NO much better, and generally handles minor unexpected 'rule breaking' much better. IE took him out for lunch and got him GF burgers instead of fishfingers, which he ALWAYS has, and after a quick apology and explanation that they (ah-hem) 'didnt have any', he accepted it readily and attempted his burger instead...OMG is this the same child??? unfortunately his sleeping (or lack thereof) is still as crappy as ever.


I guess my question is: what else could he be allergic to that causes such fussiness and anger, which in some way must be related to cakes/buns/biscuits/bread, which is obviously being reduced, and leading to less meltdowns? any ideas?

I would prefer him not to have to be GF (cos im lazy), but I am very willing to cut out anything that might be the cause instead.

sphil Fri 03-Jul-09 12:08:56

Sugar? But that wouldn't have come back as an allergy, I guess. Could be artificial preservatives of some kind maybe - though I think the shop bought GF goods probably have those in as well. DS2 is allergic to egg - again, wouldn't be in bread, but would be in cakes etc.

Hurrah for the non gf/cf diet though - SOOOOO much easier! And I don't think it's laziness - it's so much easier for them to mix socially if they can eat the same food as their peers.

silverfrog Fri 03-Jul-09 12:35:59

if bread/cakes have ben reduced as well as going gf, could be yeast?

did they explain more what they meant by allergic to something?

is he "just" showing a reaction to foods, or was there a clear allergy marker (is it IgE that wuold be raised, I get muddled!)

dd1 has been gf/cf for 2 years now. a couple of months ago I had a crackdown on extra sugars too (things like dried fruits/fruit bars/fruit crisps) and she is very much better for it (poo wise as well as attention and behaviour wise)

we also put her back onto goats milk to cut out rice milk (soooo much sugar) and she has doen well on that too.

have you spoken to Sunderland? they are apparently very helpful, and they may be able to talk through some stuff with you?

misscutandstick Fri 03-Jul-09 13:08:26

i got a very detailed (waaaaay to much TBH) but it states that IAG was picked up not the IgE or something and that is usually in relation to an allergy rather than intolerance. They couldnt rule out allergy to milk, but stated it was extremely unlikely - I think so too, as he has had slightly more milk stuffs, but behaviour has improved.

Yeast, i suppose it could be, but perhaps sugar may be more likely? i dont know. I would imagine (in my extremely limited understanding) that sugar is more likely to have an effect of shortening temper rather than yeast? perhaps?

we are doing a family wide month trial of GF (DS5 needs GF/CF and DS2 needs GF&WF anyway). DS1 is much shorter with temper (hes ADHD) withdrawal perhaps? or just on edge because theres been a drastic change to his routine WRT meals. we'll wait and see. DS4 is more even tempered and calmer. everyone else seems totally unaffected.

silverfrog Fri 03-Jul-09 13:19:36

I think excess/intolerance to sugars and yeast overgrowth can be similar in symptoms - lot sof peaks and troughs of behaviour as blood sugars raise/dip etc.

Don't take that as gospel though - I end up doing so much reading, taking out the bits that apply to dd1, and then the rest sort of all meshes together in my memory blush I blame it on baby brain <ignores the fact that dd2 is now 2.5 grin>

misscutandstick Fri 03-Jul-09 13:19:57

re-reading your message Sphil, egg hmm now theres a thought. He does eat boiled egg, likes the white not yolk. Hes never had rashes/hives/swelling. BUT me, MIL, and DS5 have intolerance/allergy to it (DS5 has violent projectile vomiting and diarrhea to it - it makes me have tummy cramps and diarrhea, MIL the same). perhaps i ought to look into that further?

Sunderland did suggest blood testing for allergy, but DS4 wouldnt be particularly co-operative. perhaps when he has a blood test for something else may request it then. will definately keep an eye on him next time we have eggs tho.

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