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FIRST team help please...

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Barmymummy Wed 01-Jul-09 17:55:01

I posted yesterday about DS having had a bad day at playschool (pushing, piching & other v upsetting behaviours) and how to get through to him that this was unacceptable.

I rang up my lovely HV who was a great help. She has said to me that when he starts back at playschool in Sept and starts his 'rising 5's' to see how he gets on and if there are any concerns from playschool or me regarding behaviour or lack of concetration/focus to let her know and she will get in touch with the FIRST team. Apparently they will come and observe him and help with the transition to school in Jan.

So!! Can anyone tell me their experiences with them? Did they help and what can they do? Thanks, x

2shoes Wed 01-Jul-09 18:57:51


Mitchell81 Wed 01-Jul-09 19:39:22

Sorry don't know, never heard of them.

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