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SALT/statement advice needed

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MarmadukeScarlet Wed 01-Jul-09 15:21:26

To cut a long story short, am trying to force LEA to finalise (was due Aug 19th 2008), have had DS assessed by lots of independent specialists as will probably need to go to tribunal so want to be fully prepared.

My private SALT has recommended a local speech unit attached to a ms school, I do not weant him to go there at the mo as he is very settled in the preschool/school that he is cureently in and does not cope with change well.

As I am going against my SALTs advice my legal representative asked me yeaterday what I wanted to ask for SALT-wise on the statement. I've no idea how much he needs per week, how much he is likely to be offered or what my LEA would normally offer.

I contacted my NHS SALT, who has been really unhelpful and quite patronising 'we are all working in X's best interests lidida' when actually we all know the LEA will try and get away with the absolute bare blardy minimum. I wanted her to say well he needs X hours 1to1 per week, or the specialist teachers/salt to come in 4 days er term or whatever. There surely must be a standard for DC with SLI and how much support they need?

She goes on Mat Leave this week, I was hoping as she has been DS' SALT for 3 yrs she might feel a little loyalty - but it seems not.

(Also I could ruddy kick myself, I sent her a copy of my private SALTS report - as instucted by my legal bod - and when it became clear she was no going to bother helping I asked her to delete or shred it. She is now saying how helpful it will be to his new person who will take over, I have emailed again requesting that she destroy it and pointing out I/author hasn't given her permission to pass it on. I always believe the best in people)

silverfrog Wed 01-Jul-09 15:48:56

oh bollocks, MS, what a farce.

assuming you still have the same nhs SALT, I can well imagine her tone...

will your private SALT not give a weekly estimate of what is needed? I know you are going against her advice for which school (why does she recommned that over where your ds is + SALT input?) but she could still answer the question as to how much would be needed if your ds stayed where he is, surely?

ime, LEA offers nothing standardly on Statements for SALT, beyond the usual "liaising with school to provide the best environmnent" or some such rot (that's what they came up with for dd1's provisional statement - she has a severe language delay)

TotalChaos Wed 01-Jul-09 16:43:48

oh dear re:private SALT report. I agree with Silverfrog about getting a rough idea from private SALT. I don't think there is any particular standard for SLI - I suspect even within an LEA area a lot comes down to whether you are prepared to fight. Does your DS use any AAC such as Makaton or PECs - if so you would want something about those written into the statement, so that a 1-1 had the appropriate training.

TotalChaos Wed 01-Jul-09 16:44:46

Have you spoken to the senco of your DS's school about this at all? senco or head should have a good idea as to what LEA provision is like.

MarmadukeScarlet Wed 01-Jul-09 17:04:58

SF, my only comfort is that she is 36 weeks pregnant in this heat (very unsisterly I know and those that do not know her may be shocked, but SF and I are unfortunately aquainted with the woman) you'd have thought that as DS' SALT for 3 yrs (and who got his DX wrong until I saw a private SALT) she would have felt some responsability to help him. How are you doing anyways?

I will go back to private SALT and ask her to advise, tbh she may have the huff as I am going against her 'professional opinion'.

TC yes, we use Makaton to back up speech but not pecs, although visual timetables and for some choice work. 3 day per week LSA has reasonable Makaton skills, 2 day LSA basic both could do with a refresher.

It is a tiny independent school, they have never had a statemented child before so have no more idea than I have. My 2 local maintained mainstream schools have turned DS down, the choices where I live (v rural) are limited.

Thank you for your replies.

silverfrog Wed 01-Jul-09 17:20:44

I am doing better, thanks, and dd1 seems to have calmed down a lot, which helps.

you did make me giggle with the thought of SALT very pregnant in the heat grin. she is a deeply frustrating woman - last time I had the misfortune to see her, she insisted on working on choices with dd1 (dd1 had to choose bewteen bubbles -which she was scared of at the time - and sticking - which she doesn't do at home, only school - and no deviation was allowed.) so no matter how many times dd1 asked (in perfect speech) to do somehting else, she was prompted to choose between things she was never going to choose to do. dd1 was even dragging stuff out of SALT's bag, and saying "what's in here? let's have a look" but no, it had to be bubbles or sticking. and the point of this exercise was not to get dd1 working to someone else's plan and not her own agenda, but to get her talking to someone other than me, so why everyhting dd1 said was ignored is beyond me. anyway, i digress.

From experience, nhs SALT will not recommned any 1-to1 at ALL. only liaising crap, which can be helpful to a point, but is not hte be all and end all.

I fell foul of report sharing, too - gave her copies of private ABA report (to prove what level dd1 was working at when people listened to her) and found it mis-reported back in SALT's own report to LEA...

how much (private) SALT does your ds currently have? do you think this level is sufficient, or would you want more? double what he gets (or what you want), add a bit for aiming high, and then you have a figure to give LEA? with a bit of room for negotiating.

TotalChaos Wed 01-Jul-09 18:30:28

I'm not shocked at all by unsisterlyness, some people one comes across on the SN journey don't exactly inspire sister/brotherliness hmm

moondog Wed 01-Jul-09 22:19:25

It is hard to say 'This child needs X amount of hours a week' and in an ideal scenarion, the 'liaise as and when appropriate' would suffice.

Unfortunately it does often mean next to nothings (as SALTs spread so thin) so I would always advise that people insist on quantifiable amount of time.

At least in this way they can't sell you short.
(I'm a salt myself.)

MarmadukeScarlet Thu 02-Jul-09 10:45:12

Thank you moondog, I appreciate your comments based on your experience.

I was also hoping to bump into you at some point, a while ago you mentioned a reading system that was guaranteed (almost) to suceed - can you please tell me what age it is aimed at and what it is called? I am happy to send/receive CAT if you do not want to discuss (and promise not to stalk you/pester you with queries).

moondog Thu 02-Jul-09 15:10:27

I'm always happy to discuss Headsprout which is my passion and the subject of my research.

I don't know what the issue is with your child and Headsprout is not specifically tailored for kids with SN (my research field is about how it can be tailored if need be) but it does work-if done properly.
Ask questions,I'm happy to help. smile

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