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Has anyone used a psychotherapist for an older ASD child?

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monica2 Mon 16-May-05 09:48:28

DD nearly 10 was referred to one last year by her psychologist last year, she felt due to her complex personality as well as struggling to "accept" being AS that dd would benefit. Unfortunately the one psychotherapist left and wasn't replaced.
I am finding it increasingly difficult to continue implementing strategies to help (visual timetables, self awareness programme, RDI, worry book etc) as dd refuses to use anything that relates to her condition. She has mock sats this week so couldn't sleep last night and is understandably unsettled this morning, insisting on knowing what are we doing first after school etc. this is so frustrating as I know this could be overcome if we still had the visual timetable/worry book in place. I have a private psychotherapist number but was just wondering if anyone who has used one could tell me the effectiveness and whether it would address these issues.

Davros Mon 16-May-05 10:18:36

Sounds like it could be useful for her but be very careful who you use. I am dead against them for young, non-verbal children with ASD and learning disability, I think they have nothing to offer them or their families other than making them feel responsible for the child's problems. But I do think there's a role for a more aware child who would benefit from understanding themselves and learning more about themselves, although CBT might be better. I think it can also be helpful for parents who need to think about how the FEEL about haivng a child with disability and coming to terms. There are various types of psychotherapy so maybe one school would be better than another, I don't know enough about it. I would be very careful though, it is not recommended by the NAS. Would something more counselling-like be better? Maybe someone else will come along who knows more about it. I have strong feelings about this as I live very near to the Tavistock Centre which is available on the NHS!!! Makes my blood boil actually as I think they haven't got a clue for children like DS and they are so pompous!

baka Mon 16-May-05 10:35:24

I'd be very careful and only use one who reallly understood autism - otherwise I wouldn't touch with a barge pole as I think they could make a bad situation worse.

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