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Is it laziness or asd related...

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mysonben Mon 29-Jun-09 22:25:40

DS (asd) has always been a picky eater, doesn't like chewing much, doesn't like salads or most crunchy veggies, will eat on and off sandwiches , even pizzas diners are a hit or miss with him. And he eats so slowly, so slowly that we often end up feeding him, he will just sit there in front of his plate forever more if we don't. We have to keep prompting him to pick his spoon up and eat .

The same goes with a lot of things like getting dressed which he struggles with , we have to keep prompting him and he is so slow at it.

Now his talking is getting bad again after a period of good progress , he sometimes refuses to talk and grunts and whines instead and doesn't make any effort to repeat to us what he says when we don't ubderstand him ( his speech is very bad for a 3 1/2 y.old).

DH and my in-laws say he is just plain lazy!!! shock
I simply don't buy it , i 've never encountered any kids his age who would prefer having a tantrum instead of talking properly if they could for the sake of laziness.
Not sure about the rest ...the eating and dressing and tidying up...

5inthebed Mon 29-Jun-09 22:29:43

My DS2 is very much like this, I ssometimes have to resort to spoon feed him just to make sure he eats. He can't dress himself, but when prompted to go get socks/shoes he will just sit there and make one syllable noises.

I find a visual timetable often helps during this, although not guaranteed.

Your DS is about the same age as mine, he is 4 in August.

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