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Dfes Action Programme - special educational needs report

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eidsvold Mon 05-May-03 22:26:40

I have been invited to attend a parent consultation on the report called 'Special Educational Needs: A mainstream Issue'

Anyone read or seen the report and have any ideas on it??

Apparently Dfes in response to the report, are developing an action plan to raise standards of provision to children with special educational needs - over a period of 10 years.

Anyone else been to a meeting regarding this?
Anyone interested in attending a meeting regarding this - Mencap are the ones who are putting this meeting together along with a group called conSENsus. There is a contact if you want to find out about meetings in your area I could pass on to you.

I am attending more in role of Downs group person than parent although they do want parents of children of all ages. They say all parents are welcome regardless of child's diagnosis or age. Being a teacher I am also interested in what is being proposed.

chatee Tue 06-May-03 09:13:06

i'm iterested in finding out more eidsvold, have not seen the report but will search.can you pass on local branches of the group conSENsus??
my dd has cp and we are going through statementing at the moment but i am a nursery nurse so i am quite interested from that role too

how's your dd? any more teeth yet?

Jimjams Tue 06-May-03 10:39:16

Very interested to know more eidsvold. I reamin to be convinced that mainstream is best for autistic children. WOuld be keen to attend a local meeeting.

eidsvold Tue 06-May-03 13:01:06

if you want to email me

I will pass the email address and contact ifo I have and I am sure they must be occurring in other areas. WIll let you know what happens at the meeting.

report available on

eidsvold Thu 08-May-03 19:07:58

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Sat 10-May-03 19:47:07

Thanks for that eidsvold.

A pressure group has started up here for parents of SEN children- much needed. And yes everything is a battle.

Love dd's name!

eidsvold Sat 10-May-03 22:29:07

oops I just realised I slipped and posted dd's name.... no anonymity now

Jimjams Sat 10-May-03 22:37:59

@eidsvold - I like it! Ds1's name begins with an A and is unusual as well. You can always ask Tech to remove it if you want....

eidsvold Sun 11-May-03 09:33:22

how do I do that??

Jimjams Sun 11-May-03 10:51:03

You can email them- think theres an address on the talk page or home page and they will remove it for you.

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