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CAMHS and CAFS - the same or different?

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debs40 Mon 29-Jun-09 11:11:37


I noticed the discussion below on CAMHS and I wondered if this is the same as Child and Family Services? If not what is it

I'm now quite worried about getting involved with these people given the previous debate!!

magso Mon 29-Jun-09 11:50:35

I am not sure either but I think CAF is a broader service encompassing CAHMSs. In our area behavioural support referrals went to CAMHS a couple of years ago and now since the reorganisation to CAF. It seems to have all sorts of professionals ( not just pyschs)and is more of a team. We go to CAF and apart from the loooong wait ( ds was first referred at 3 and nearly 8 before we got accepted!) it is good. They organised ds very overdue Dx, (which has made a huge difference) and basically asked us what we needed in the way of help and did there level best to help us - not all directly some by pointing us at other services (eg getting DLA) some (eg continance issues) by liasing. I am now getting the parenting support I have so wanted, school get input and allround ds is happier and better understood. (oh and that continance support is less required hip-hip-horay!!)

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