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RnB Sat 14-May-05 18:41:55

Message withdrawn

Davros Sat 14-May-05 20:03:55

Arse, shit, bollocks, fuck........oh no, forgot no more profanities on MN!!!
You're home early though, heh heh. And what did your menfolk say about mine and Fio's visit?

Fio2 Sun 15-May-05 09:36:19

i was quite dissappointed at your menfolk

RnB Sun 15-May-05 12:07:50

Message withdrawn

Davros Sun 15-May-05 19:34:56

Has she gone yet?

Fio2 Sun 15-May-05 19:42:09

i fort there dicks wur shmall


JakB Sun 15-May-05 19:44:10

Ah, we REALLY did wish you were there...
Is she still there RnB?

lou33 Sun 15-May-05 19:55:42

No am home now, alas, got back about 6pm

lou33 Sun 15-May-05 19:56:10

Fio, you obv didn't make it to my dh then

Davros Sun 15-May-05 20:08:37

Well, we saw ALL of them as they did a special group turn on Bangkok Ladyboyz which is where we were. We counselled them all after to try to look at wimmins' bits again...... tell us if it worked

lou33 Sun 15-May-05 20:09:51

not so far

monica2 Sun 15-May-05 20:21:17

Dh has run off with my gel bra!

lou33 Sun 15-May-05 20:27:53

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