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5 weeks til our holiday - please tell me its not going to be a nightmare!

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Frasersmum123 Thu 25-Jun-09 12:57:00

We are off to Minehead in 5 weeks and although I am really looking forward to the break, im petrified!

Last August we went away for the weekend and DS2 spent the whole time screaming and moaning, we couldnt do anything and we ended up coming back a whole day early.

Im going to take as many familiar objects as possible, and everything that keeps his routine up, but im just so nervous, we are going HalfBoard and I am worried he wont eat any food, as his eating is terrible at the best of times. can anyone give me any extra little tips that have helped them

Also, please pray that the weather is good because if we have to stay indoors we are screwed!

silverfrog Thu 25-Jun-09 13:07:17

what bits of his routine are set in stone?

eg, when we go away (and we do, quite a lot) we take:

dd1's pillow and blanket, plus her bedtime story (Maisy's bedtime - has to be read every night).

a selection of current favourite books

a box of toys - some old favourites, some new (but variations on old favourites). we actually take the toys along packed in a Trunki suitcase (bought for the dds for holiday last yer) - this provides an extra ride on toy when necessary!

familiar food is a must for dd1. we mostly go self catering, as dd1 is gf/cf, but we have been half board before, and take along dd1's food (handy thermos - Lakeland sell a good one that is easy to fill up with rice/pasta)

if you are worried about his food, what kind of things do you know he will eat? is it possible to take those along? eg, when eating out with dd1, i would take along her meal (in thermos) but also know that she wouldn't eat much of it, so take along lots of other stuff that she thinks is a treat, but is actually halfway decent food - like dried fruit bars/Larabars, fruit/vegetable crisps (most supermarkets have a range of parsnip/beetroot crisps, and there are lunchbox ranges of fruit crisps now as well) oh, and there is a type of seed/nut bar (covered in carob) which dd1 ate for a while too - again, a "treat" to her, but actually quite healthy! found it in Sainsburys - think it was called 9 Bar.

will your ds eat thngs like nuts? a lot of children like them, and they are quite filling and full of nutrients, so you don't need to worry as much about what he is eating

I also facotr in daytrips where possible to things the dds like - wherever we go we visit an aquarium, as both dd are fish mad, and I know that is one day that we will all enjoy - or a zoo. these places tend ot be laid out in similar ways, so it is both new and familiar for dd1.

Frasersmum123 Thu 25-Jun-09 20:35:58

Thanks SilverFrog - thats really helpful advice which has given me some stuff to think about

I am most worried about how he will take to the apartment, He does not like strange places, especially those that are enclosed, and I dont know how he will sleep, but I am going to take his own duvet and pillow and his bed time frog, and try and keep his bedtime routines the same.

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