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Tips to avoid sports day meltdown, please...

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DrippingLizzie Wed 24-Jun-09 21:25:08

My DS (6) has an ASD (HFA/Asperger's) and attends a mainstream school. One of his main challeges at home and at school is the inability to accept the concept of losing (Monopoly boards launched at the wall, footballs angrily kicked over the fence etc).

When I collected him from school today his LSA told me that he'd had a complete meltdown at sports day practice, bless him, and had been inconsolable over the fact that he'd not come first in most of the races. The sports day proper is likely to be very traumatic for him, and it obviously wouldn't be a good idea for him to take part if he's going to get so upset about it. However, I'm sure there is a good balance to be struck somwhere whereby he can participate in the event but - until he starts to understand the concept of winning and losing - not compete competitively.

Have any of you had similar situations to overcome? I was thinking about maybe buying him a swanky stopwatch and seeing if he could help time the races, but I'd really appreciate any other suggestions. Thanks x

siblingrivalry Wed 24-Jun-09 21:32:18

I think that asking him to help out by timimg the races is a great idea. Or doing something like helping to start the races?
My dd has AS and just couldn't cope with sports day at all -I could literally see her falling apart and it really knocked her self-esteem.

IMHO, I see no benefits in putting a child with an ASD into a situation which would cause them stress and unhappiness (am referring to the school here, not you smile)
Hopefully, he (and you!) can go on to have an enjoyable time. Good luck x

DrippingLizzie Thu 25-Jun-09 13:54:18

Thanks for the advice - much appreciated!

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