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How do I stop dd alwasy talking out loud to herself???

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Blossomhill Fri 13-May-05 18:47:12

Dd constantly talks to herself and voices her thoughts verbally all of the time.
The school have mentioned that she does it at school and it's hard to get her to stop, especially in lessons.
I personally don't think she realises she is doing it and comforts herself by talking herself through her day or just generally having a chit-chat.
She is nearly 6 so will she grow out of it??? Does anyone have any experiences of this??? Thanks

happymerryberries Fri 13-May-05 18:48:34

If you find out, please tell me. Dd is 8......

Blossomhill Fri 13-May-05 18:49:59

Oh okay HMB, so not alone then!!!!

happymerryberries Fri 13-May-05 18:52:27

It started when she was one and seems to be the theme music to my life ever since.

Great vocabulary though!

Her last report said 'X is a delightful girl who loves to tell anyone who will listen all about what she is doing'


ambrosia Fri 13-May-05 18:53:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

roisin Fri 13-May-05 18:54:35

DS (nearly 8) does this and the Ed Psych said it's important he should not be discouraged from doing so (at home or at school), as it helps his thinking.

He also wrote: "DS1 used language a great deal to mediate reasoning and to provide verbal 'scaffolding' around more complex non-verbal items, and this strategy was highly successful."


roisin Fri 13-May-05 18:55:54

ROFL at the report Hmb

coppertop Fri 13-May-05 18:56:39

Sad soul that I am I have realised that I have spent almost 4/5 of ds1's life willing him to talk like everyone else - and the past 1/5 willing him to shut up for just 5 little minutes!!

Blossomhill Fri 13-May-05 18:58:26

Hi Roisin Dd and your ds do share some similarities don't they? Dd won a merit award today for her excellent creative writing skills. It cracks me up at 5 that she is using speech marks, exclamation marks, commas and full stops. She is also writing quite long stories!!!!

SoBlue Fri 13-May-05 21:33:03

my ds does it a lot when he's alone, in different tones of voice like a two-way conversation. I think he's mimicing how he perceives us having a conversation. It used to scare me at first hearing voices in the night

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