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How do I get DS1 (2.5 ASD) to interact more with DS2 (10 months)

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mum2fred Mon 22-Jun-09 22:06:29

It is something that I have really noticed over the past few weeks as DS2 has hit that age where he is really starting to try to get involved in the world.... DS2 just LOVES DS1 and follows him everywhere, tenaciously trying to get in on whatever DS1 s doing (cars, food, anything) But DS1 is having none of it. The only interaction they have is in the bath (ds1 likes to wash ds2 and do his teeth) or when DS1 pushes the interfering DS2 away.

just wondered if anyone has any ideas....

mum2fred Tue 23-Jun-09 15:37:47


any ideas?

it broke my heart today, watching my sweet DS2 try so lovingly and vainly to join in in everything DS1 is doing. ...

HelensMelons Tue 23-Jun-09 17:55:17

It's tough isn't it? What age are your DS's?

mum2fred Tue 23-Jun-09 18:52:15

ds1 is 2.5 and asd. ds2 is 10 months

silverfrog Tue 23-Jun-09 18:58:21

dd1 was the same with dd2 when dd2 was a baby.

dd1 is 4.10 now, and dd2 is 2.4, and they do play (in a limited fashion) together.

when dd2 was small, dd1 was very careful around her - very wary, really.

as dd2 got to toddler stage (9 months+) dd1 ignored her, really - she just couldn't work her out.

nw that dd2 is properly interactive (very talkative and bossy), and can play of her own accord (can ask for activities, will settle to do something at times, etc) dd1 is a lot more interested, as dd2 is a lot more predictable.

dd1 now initiates contact with dd2, has made up a few games with her (mostly of the "chasing dd2" variety, but hey, it's interaction smile) and will do or say things to get a reaction from dd2.

I think dd1 now sees dd2 as a person, rather than a "baby" (which, let's face it, aren't the most interesting things to most people other than parents!) and so she now sees that interaction with her is a good thing.

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