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JakB Fri 13-May-05 15:15:06

Heh there love, e-mailed you but it bounced back! (after about a week).
Will get DH to do CDs this weekend and will call you for a catch-up. Would love to bend your ear about Sweet Peas. It looks like we may get some funding so we can organise some decent 'events'

Davros Sat 14-May-05 17:15:59

oh goody, I am sitting here posting to you, listening to DS whimpering in his bedroom. Nothing we do makes any difference so I'm just sitting here listening and finding it mighty tedious YOU, on the other hand, will be at the Brighton meet-up right now I will email you my Yahoo address or phone me, Mondays are usually quite a good day. Oh, forgot, taking DD to cranial osteo this Mon but not leaving til about 11am. Will you be over your hangover by then? Heh heh.

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